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We Are Your Premiere Ohio Furniture Store

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we are dedicated to producing quality furniture that is built to last. In a world where more and more brands are focused on slapping cheap veneer over MDF and particleboard, we only believe in offering furniture that is solidly constructed. We not only offer furniture that we construct ourselves, but we are proud to offer high-quality American made furniture and interior design pieces from other shops that value sustainability and sturdy hardwood furniture. If you are looking for an Ohio furniture store that values solid wood heirloom quality furniture, we are the store for you.

Unlike big box furniture stores, we are not just going to show you a piece in the showroom and then wheel it out minutes later in a flat-packed box. We believe in working with our customers to create design solutions. We can create one of our distinct pieces in the species and finish of your choice or tailor-make it to fit your specific requirements.

Most of our hardwood furniture is created internally by our team of skilled woodworkers and upholsterers. Instead of going through an assembly line process, which is the norm in the furniture industry, every piece is bench made by skilled craftsmen to ensure that every member of our team gets to learn every step of the process and grow in their craft.

Once a piece is fully constructed, it moves on to our finishing facility. Here we engage in quality assurance practices to ensure uniformity between pieces, especially when producing matching sets for our customers. This attention to detail helps to ensure that every piece of Ohio Hardwood Furniture in your home not only looks beautiful but also helps to compliment the other pieces we have made for you. Once the QA process is complete, the pieces are moved into finishing where we will apply the stain or paint finish of your choice.

In addition to producing our own furniture, we are also happy to partner with other American brands that build heirloom-quality furniture featuring solid wood and quality upholstery. Between our own extensive collection and the pieces we offer from other shops, you can find virtually any piece you need to create the interior design vision of your dreams.

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we value sustainability in furniture construction. There is a fine line between sustainability and habitat destruction in terms of harvesting hardwood lumber. We endeavor to use only sustainably harvested wood and all of our wood by-products are put to good use. Whether that is through recycling sawdust as animal bedding or burning our scraps to warm our homes, we don’t want anything to go to waste.

We partner with shops that share our commitment to sustainability. They understand the relationship between creating furniture and sustaining the environment that produces the natural materials used in the building process. Many of the brands we offer practice environmental stewardship by using sustainably sourced materials and renewable energy in their shops. These practices help ensure that creating furniture does not rob us of the natural beauty that is often the source of design inspiration.

We also cannot forget one of their biggest contributions that furniture makers contribute to the environment, the production of heirloom quality furniture. Producing furniture that is built to last is one of the best ways to combat wasteful furniture practices. Every year, countless pieces of cheaply made furniture are thrown away and take up vast space in landfills as most MDF and particle board are not recyclable. Unlike throwaway furniture, well cared for solid wood furniture can last generations. Whether passed on to family members or acquired by antique or consignment shops, solid wood furniture is reused and upcycled, resulting in less waste. . It may be harder to manufacture quality pieces compared to cheap particle board furniture, but we are happy to dedicate the time and attention needed to create furniture that you will be happy to pass down through your family.

As an Ohio furniture store, we are able to deliver our custom made pieces to customers within the state. Our showroom is located in Peninsula, Ohio about a half-hour south of Cleveland. In our showroom, you will find the pieces we have designed and built, as well as options from other quality American furniture makers. No matter what style of furniture you love, we will have the perfect options for you.

So if you are looking for an Ohio furniture store with pieces from environmentally conscious American manufacturers, we have plenty of options here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture. You can see all of our amazing options, as well as pieces from amazing American brands like Copeland Furniture, Wesley Hall, and Leathercraft. If you would like to learn more about any pieces in our store, you can reach a member of our team at 330-657-2095.