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Our Unique Designs Can Help You Craft A Distinguished Look For Your Home

So much of the furniture we use to fill up the spaces in our home simply doesn’t own the character it could. There was a time when quality and integrity were held in higher regard than volume production and cost-cutting measures. One might like to think that this was because a lack of technology made it necessary to do things ‘the old fashioned way,’ but if that were entirely the case, there would be no market for fine exhibitions of craftsmanship in any market.

In fact, and contrary to what might be supposed, the market for handmade goods in all markets is stronger now than one might expect. In the era of mass production and machining, quality handmade goods and artifacts command a premium specifically because of the quality integral to their design and construction.

This is as true in the market for handmade, hand-finished furniture using traditional construction techniques as it is in any market. Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we pride ourselves on the quality of the furniture we offer you to outfit your home in a classic style that can’t be replicated. Not only do we offer some of the most sought after names in the market for interior design, but we produce our own furniture in house using techniques that ensure the highest quality and integrity of construction.

Our own furniture is made using sustainably produced and sourced native hardwood stock and our pieces are machined, surfaced, joined, sanded and finished by craftsmen who pay individual attention to each piece they create. The assembly of our hardwood furniture features proven techniques like mortise and tenon joints and dovetailed drawers that are reliable, and sturdier than alternatives employed as shortcuts elsewhere. Each piece is also carefully finished and inspected to ensure that it meets quality standards. If you’re looking for a Cleveland furniture store, you’ll want to take a look at what we have in stock here on our site or in our store in Peninsula, Ohio.

Furniture For The Living Room
Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, you will find an impressive assortment of different types of furniture, accessories and decor for all rooms in your home. Only take a look at what we offer right here on our website and you’ll quickly get a taste for the peerless quality and style we offer in our catalog.

If you’re looking for pieces for your living room or common areas we have much to offer. Take a look, for example at our London Rocker. This chair could easily make a classic addition to your living room for its value as a piece of interest alone.

Yet, for its comfort, styling and the durability of its construction, it is just as much an exemplary piece of the finery we offer here. Not only is the chair a piece to admire in its own right, as with our other furniture, but we also offer this chair in your choice of stain and leather options.

If you love the look of this chair, you can have it in the classic style and strength of red oak, or you can get it in the beautifully rich, dark tones of cherry. Finish it with the stain and the leather of your choice to match the prevailing tones in your common area and you’ll find yourself the proud owner of a true heirloom piece of furniture.

Yet this is only an introduction to the class and style of so many of our offerings here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture. If you appreciate the styling of the London Rocker mentioned above but are interested in something more florid, take a look at our Aunties Rocker. Also available in a variety of different constructions including red oak, quartersawn white oak, cherry and brown maple, this rocker also features handsome brass tacking accents to finish off the upholstery. If you’re interested in a chair for the living room that will command the attention of all who enter, this just might be it.

We also provide other furnishings such as tables for your common areas. Take a look at some of our occasional tables here to find the right match for your living room. There’s plenty to love, but you can’t go wrong with a classic look like our Woodbury Sofa Table with Drawer. Available in your choice of wood and finish, this is an attractive and dignified piece of furniture that hearkens back to a simple rustic design. Its inclusion in a living space is certain to dignify the setting - though there are others like it on the page listed above. Take a look to find what speaks to you.

Furniture For Your Bedroom
We offer furniture for the bedroom just as handsome and distinguished as the options we’ve already explored for your common areas. However you’re thinking of setting up the design of your bedroom, we offer the nightstands, dressers, armoires and more to give your room the character it deserves.

Take a look at some of our nightstands here and see what stands out to you. Consider our Iron Wood 3 Drawer Nightstand with Black Iron Trim to add a touch of distinction to your bedroom. Available in your choice of wood and stain as with our other offerings, this nightstand features black iron trim and a few different selections in hardware as well. Regardless of the wood you choose and the stain you pair with it, this nightstand will come with a rustic modern style.

If you’re looking for something more rustic and with more space for displaying decor, take a look at our Manchester Open Nightstand with a Reclaimed Top. As with our other pieces, you can take your pick of the wood of which you want it to be made as well as the finish you desire. In addition, the reclaimed sections of this piece give it a bit of additional rustic or rugged feel. It’s a great addition to a space that uses other reclaimed or repurposed pieces of furniture or decor or architectural elements like exposed beams and wide plank flooring.

No bedroom is complete without a dresser or an armoire for the storage of clothing and other necessaries. Frequently the piece dedicated to such use is the defining feature of the bedroom. Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we offer distinctive pieces that fill such offices.

Take a look at our Manchester Standard Dresser and Medium Beveled Mirror with a Reclaimed Top. It will add an unmistakable and irremovable gravity to whatever space you allow it to grace. Handsomely and demurely finished, the character of this piece almost seems to come directly from the fact that it is so simply designed. Another great choice in a dresser is our smaller version by the same name, although we offer many other models of dressers in different styles that you can find right here.

You might also be interested in setting up your bedroom with one of our armoires. Many of our styles will impress you with their rustic designs and finish. Take a look at our Manchester Wardrobe Armoire with a Reclaimed Top. It is much in the same style as our dresser of the same name, so it actually makes a fairly convenient complement to it. It also gives off a definite air of dignity and calls to mind the simple hand executed designs of yesteryear. Whether this model in specific appeals to you or not is a matter of course - take a look at our armoires here

Furniture For The Dining Room
Some of our pieces for the dining area or kitchen will really shine. Whether you’re interested in a hutch, a cupboard, a table or some other fixture for your dining area, we can set you up in classic style with some of the timeless pieces we offer here at Ohio Hardwood.

If you’re looking for a dining room table that is a cut above, take a look at our Harrison 48 inch table. It comes available in your choice of stain so that you can match the setting of your dining area, and will lend quite an air of refinement and distinction to your space. Its simplistic design is laden with a weighty character. If you’re looking for a simple, classic hardwood table for your dining room, this is an excellent choice.

Then again, we also offer options like our Richfield 48 inch Single Pedestal Table that pair up some features of classic design with a touch of more contemporary spirit. We can offer you this particular model with your choice of top shapes including but not limited to square, nail, round and Queen Anne tops. You can also order it with a solid top or with up to three self-storing leaves, depending on how much space you need to present. Nothing is more classic than solid hardwood construction, but the design of this table brings a touch of contemporary influence into its style. As a result, it’s impressively adaptable and a great example of the versatility that our pieces exhibit. Find these and our other furnishings for dining areas here.

Furniture For The Office
What office could be complete without the old world finish of some classic, handmade hardwood furniture? That’s why we here at Ohio Hardwood offer many exquisite options for the decoration and design of your office space. Especially if you’re going for traditional design in your office, our furnishings are particularly ideal. Our offerings in desks, hutches, bookcases and chairs are the perfect designs to breathe a timeless spirit into the setting of your office, library or other space for study.

Take a look at some of our desks that you can use to polish off the interior of your library or office. Aesthetically superb as well as functional, our desks are perfect heirloom pieces for any erudite setting. Take a look at our Henry Stephens Executive Desk or one of our Linwood Writing Desks, available in 48 and 60 inches. They can’t be matched for style or character and present the type of handmade quality that will last many generations. Other excellent choices for those looking for a desk with some unparalleled character include our L Corner Desks in the same names, with the same stylistic features but with the added utility of hutches over the desks.

An office needs a bookshelf (or many) and we offer many different offerings for bibliophiles to store their books. Take a look at some of our Bentley Bookshelves or our Bremerton Bookshelf if you’re interested in some classic styling that will also allow you to feed your passion for collecting books.

Not Just Handmade - Sustainably Sourced
In addition to the fact that all of our own furniture is handmade to exacting standards and held to the highest degree of quality control, our stock is sustainably sourced and harvested, and we take advanced steps to minimize waste. We’re not just a Cleveland furniture store offering unique, handcrafted designs. We’re committed to reducing and reusing waste.

Many mills waste so much swarf and other cuttings that they could practically outproduce smaller operations in the waste they produce alone. Much of this goes to waste, but here at Ohio Hardwoods we are dedicated to providing our operation with sustainable stock and reuse as much waste as possible. Waste wood and sawdust get reused as fuel, for bedding or in landscaping as mulch and woodchips.

In addition to our many unique, exclusive styles, if you’ve come to us looking for designs from popular makes such as Thayer Coggin, Copeland, Hallagan, Leathercraft, Wesley Hall, we offer these and many more.

When you come to Ohio Hardwood Furniture in pursuit of unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll find them. When you are searching for a Cleveland furniture store that offers hardwood furniture that’s handmade using sustainable sources and constructed by skilled craftsmen using proven, traditional techniques, you’ll find them. While the rest of the world might be content with lesser quality offerings, we never have been and we never will be. If you’re interested in adding some furniture to your home that brings real class and will last for many years, even generations, take a look through our catalog. If you have any questions regarding our products or our processes, give us a call at 330-657-2095. We’d be happy to hear from you.