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Six Reasons to Love a Wesley Hall Sofa

Six Reasons to Love a Wesley Hall Sofa

If you’re looking for your next sofa for your family room or living room, you definitely have plenty of choices at your disposal. Chances are that you may have come across Wesley Hall as an option. While there’s no shortage of options for you to choose from, we’re here to tell you that you can’t really go wrong with a Wesley Hall sofa. If you do happen to be shopping for a new sofa and are considering a Wesley Hall, take these following points into account.

Made In The U.S.A.
Number one on our list is the fact that every Wesley Hall sofa - and all Wesley Hall furniture, is entirely made right here in the good old U.S. of A. Forget what you’ve heard about investing in American labor - Wesley Hall has been doing it since their beginnings and they’ve built a wonderful business model doing so. It would be good enough if that was their only premise, but they’ve managed to build an enterprise dealing in classic furniture as well. Not only is everything made in the United States, everything they offer is made to the highest of standards as well.

100% Bench Made
It seems as though everything nowadays is mass-produced or port of an automated production process with the intent of keeping costs down. At the same time, we trust you’ve heard the old adage that if you’re in for a dime, you’re in for a dollar. It can be tempting to cut costs to gain some of the market, but cost-cutting will incur other costs as well, and we mean no pun intended.

Every single piece of furniture at Wesley Hall is entirely 100% bench made by hand. They employ skilled laborers versed in time tested constructional techniques to build some of the finest furniture in the world. A Wesley Hall sofa, therefore, is really a handmade artifact - which is something else to love. Moreover, there’s a level of quality that only comes from handmade goods, and you’ll find that in Wesley Hall Furniture.

Ultra Premium Materials
Another thing to love about Wesley Hall Furniture is the fact that they only use the finest of ultra-premium materials in their construction. As an example of this dedication to quality of materials, all of their hardwood frames are made from 100% U.S. grown maple that has been dried and sterilized here in America as well. In addition, their finishes and treatments are completely safe and they use no toxic treatments and or glues on their wood frames.

Classic, Timeless Styles
Something else you’ll love about the Wesley Hall furniture that you’ll find on our site is the fact that it fills a classic, timeless role. Wesley Hall furniture is representative of that type of style that is classic enough to fit into an antiquarian setting and contemporary enough to fit into a modern scene as well. Their designers have managed to corner a style that is nearly universally appealing, and considering the fact that furnishings have a profound impact on the climate of a room, that is no small feat whatsoever.

You Choose the Finish
Not only is Wesley Hall furniture widely adaptable to nearly any interior setting, but you’ll also be able to get exactly the look you want in a piece of their furniture because they allow you to order their pieces in the finishing options that you want. Whether you have your heart set on a specific stain, fabric for upholstery or even the metal hardware used in construction or for ornamentation, you can have it your own way. That’s one more way that Wesley Hall makes it easy for you to complete your vision for a setting.

Famously Comfortable
As if you could possibly need more from your furniture than your pick of customizable styles that were completely handmade in America to famously exacting standards, there’s more to consider. As they say right on their own website, the concept of the “‘Wesley Hall sit’ speaks for itself.” If we might make so bold ourselves, we’d like to simply echo that sentiment. Of course, you could always try it out to see for yourself exactly what we mean by it, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Get Them Here!
Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we are proud to offer you many options in a Wesley Hall Sofa, in the finish that appeals to you. Whether you’re drawn to their impeccable style or you are after that famous comfort that one of their sofas can offer is little matter. Take a look at our site at our Wesley Hall furniture today to find your next piece, or better yet, stop in our store in Peninsula, Ohio, the next time you’re in the neighborhood. We’d love to help you find that next piece for your living room.