Wesley Hall Signature Elements Standard Depth Medium Sofa-Showroom Inventory

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  Outside:  39"W x 87"L
  Inside Length: 71.5"L
  Seat Depth: 21"D

Finish:  Willow
Fabric: Wales Ivory (Grade 25)
Throw Pillow Fabric: Splendor Amber (Grade 62)
Arm Style: Cap Arm 
Standard Height Back
Cushion Fill: Ultra Crown/Fiber Back
Straight Border Back

The "Wesley Hall Sit" speaks for itself . . . that said, each and every piece is hand-tied & consequently, hand-engineered to ensure a decadent & long-lasting comfort experience! Made right here in the USA, Wesley Hall products are constructed with premium cushioning, hard-wood frames & traditional, 8-way hand-tie spring systems.

Disclaimer: Personal monitor display may distort the genuine color of the listed item.

**Item shown is a stock image from the Wesley Hall website.  Our physical inventory item is still in packaging at our warehouse, brand new, and has not made it to our showroom yet!  This Sofa is in the fabric shown in the sub-image (Hewitt Taupe).**

This Sofa can be custom ordered in any Wesley Hall Leather or fabric. Please see the Wesley Hall Leather page and Wesley Hall Fabric page. Then call or visit the store for more information.