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Leathercraft Upholstery Options

Below are all your upholstery choices for Leathercraft items with Ohio Hardwood Furniture.  Please view the upholstery options shown below, then go back to the item listing and make your selection. 
View Wyoming Leathers!      View Plain Fabrics!      View Bae Crypton Fabrics!      View Coconut Crypton Fabrics!      View Gibson Crypton Fabrics!      View Granbury Crypton Fabrics!

Applause Leathers!

Applause Greystone Leather     Applause Bray Leather     Applause Bruno Leather     Applause Choco Leather     Applause Porpoise Leather     Applause Utopia Leather    

Aspen Leathers!

Aspen By The Fire Leather     Aspen Fresh Snow Leather     Aspen Icicle Leather     Aspen Ski Lodge Leather     Aspen Snow Cap Leather     Aspen Toasty Leather    

Leisure Leathers!

Leisure Appletini Leather     Leisure Auburn Leather     Leisure Cup of Joe Leather     Leisure Flap Jacky Leather     Leisure Hazy Skies Leather     Leisure Jet Black Leather     Leisure Nutty Brown Leather     Leisure Sea Me Leather     Leisure Slate Leather     Leisure Tuscon Teal Leather     Leisure White Sand Leather     Leisure Winterize Leather   

Rembrandt Leathers!

Rembrandt Acorn Leather     Rembrandt Bitters Leather     Rembrandt Fawn Leather     Rembrandt Jute Leather     Rembrandt Lichen Leather     Rembrandt Mallard Leather     Rembrandt Pepper Leather     Rembrandt Poinsettia Leather     Rembrandt Reef Leather     Rembrandt Sable Leather     Rembrandt Shiraz Leather     Rembrandt Smokehouse Leather  

Retro Leathers!

Retro Branch Leather     Retro Buff Leather     Retro Cinnamon Leather     Retro Clove Leather     Retro Coal Leather     Retro Denim Leather     Retro Java Leather     Retro Maroon Leather     Retro Parchment Leather     Retro Seal Leather     Retro Tan Leather     Retro Titanium Leather     Retro Tuxedo Leather     Retro Twilight Leather   

Florence Crypton Leathers!

Florence Almond Biscotti    Florence Boboli Gardens    Florence Brick Path     Florence Espresso Leather     Florence Mezza Luna     Florence Oceano     Florence Red Lily     Florence Struzzo Leather     Florence Terra Leather     Florence Vino Rosso Leather

Revolution Leathers!

Revolution Cricket Leather     Revolution Heartbeat Leather     Revolution Saddle Up Leather     Revolution Shadows Leather     Revolution Vino Leather     Revolution Warm Cocoa Leather

Wyoming Leathers!

Wyoming Coal Haze     Wyoming Coppertop Leather     Wyoming Denim Jeans Leather     Wyoming Flint Leather     Wyoming Good Green Leather     Wyoming Gravel Leather     Wyoming Healthy Glow Leather     Wyoming Just Brown Leather     Wyoming Macaroni Leather     Wyoming Olde Mill Leather     Wyoming Pinecone Leather     Wyoming Salute Red Leather     Wyoming Tire Leather     Wyoming Wigwam Leather

Plain Fabrics!

Aran Cream Fabric     Aran Silver Fabric     Bethel Cream Fabric     Bethel Silver Fabric     Carolyn Grey Fabric     Dublin Sandstone Fabric     Sherlock Dark Grey Fabric     Throwback Desert Fabric     Throwback Gold Dust Fabric     Throwback Sky Fabric     Throwback Stone Fabric

Bae Crypton Fabrics!

Bae Crypton Flax Fabric     Bae Crypton Flint Fabric     Bae Crypton Jute Fabric     Bae Crypton Nickel Fabric     Bae Crypton Owl Fabric     Bae Crypton Porcelain Fabric     Bae Crypton Sisal Fabric     Bae Crypton Slate Fabric

Coconut Crypton Fabrics!

Coconut Crypton Aegean Fabric     Coconut Crypton Cadet Fabric     Coconut Crypton Cane Fabric     Coconut Crypton Earth Fabric     Coconut Crypton Graphite Fabric     Coconut Crypton Gulf Fabric     Coconut Crypton Metal Fabric     Coconut Crypton Spray Fabric     Coconut Crypton Water Fabric

Gibson Crypton Fabrics!

Gibson Crypton Flagstone Fabric     Gibson Crypton Flannel Fabric     Gibson Crypton Fog Fabric     Gibson Crypton Mink Fabric     Gibson Crypton Mocha Fabric     Gibson Crypton Navy Fabric     Gibson Crypton Seal Fabric

Granbury Crypton Fabrics!

Granbury Crypton Batik Fabric     Granbury Crypton Brigadier Fabric     Granbury Crypton Flax Fabric     Granbury Crypton Graphite Fabric     Granbury Crypton Ivory Fabric     Granbury Crypton Latte Fabric     Granbury Crypton Onyx Fabric     Granbury Crypton Pewter Fabric     Granbury Crypton Slate Fabric