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Copeland Furniture Warranty

We at Copeland Furniture stand behind the integrity and workmanship of our products. Should your Copeland Furniture product fail structurally at any time during the warranty period outlined below, because of workmanship or material defects, Copeland Furniture will either repair or replace said product, or provide replacement parts, at our discretion. If we determine that the issue in question is covered by the warranty, but that repair is impractical, we will offer to replace the product with the nearest comparable product from current production. The cost of shipping to and from the Factory is not covered by this warranty unless expressly arranged by Copeland Furniture.

The warranty period begins the date you receive the product in your home. To make a warranty claim, you must submit the original sales receipt along with clear, digital photos of the relevant defect(s) to the authorized Copeland Furniture dealer from whom you purchased your furniture. If it is impossible to notify that dealer you may contact us at

Only the original owner of the item with proof of purchase and photographic evidence of manufacturing defect(s) may submit a warranty claim.

After notification it may be necessary for Copeland Furniture or its authorized dealer to arrange for an inspection of your furniture to determine whether or not a manufacturing defect exists. We may also ask for additional photos so as to better understand the scale, detail or location of the issue.


Wood Furniture: 
Copeland Furniture warrants its products (excluding dining chairs and upholstered elements) to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for the lifetime of the original purchaser. Please note that seasonal wood movement of solid wood products including minor bowing cupping and dimensional changes are normal and are not considered warranty issues.

Dining Chairs: 
Copeland Furniture warrants its dining chairs (excluding fabric or leather coverings which are covered separately) to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of five years from the time you receive the product in your home.

Upholstered Elements
Fabric, leather coverings and internal foam on all Copeland Furniture upholstered elements (dining chair seats, upholstered headboard panels, bench seats, etc.) are warranted for a period of one year against defective material or workmanship as well as unusual wear resulting from normal residential use and care. This warranty does not cover wear, fading, shrinkage, or stretching, which can occur with the normal use of most fabrics. If you choose to have fabric protection or other chemical treatments applied to your purchase, most have their own warranty, which will replace and void this warranty. Fabric damage or failure due to aforesaid chemical treatments, heavy soiling, or improper cleaning are not covered. Non-standard coverings provided by the consumer or dealer (COM) are not covered under the terms of this warranty.

The limited warranty on Copeland Furniture finishes is five years from the time you receive the product in your home. Finishes are not warrantied against prolonged exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, or color changes due to exposure to sunlight or scratches and abrasions.

Mechanical Devices
The limited warranty on mechanical devices such as ball bearing drawer glides and dining table extension mechanisms is five years from the date you receive the product in your home.


The following will limit or exclude coverage under this warranty:

Place of Purchase:
This warranty protects you only when you purchase Copeland Furniture products from an authorized Copeland Furniture dealer.

Abuse and Normal Wear and Tear:
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from negligence, abuse, normal wear and tear, or accidents including but not limited to the following: burns, cuts, scratches, gouges, darkening, fading or bleaching due to exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, indentations, pet damage, damage by the use of detergents, abrasives or other improper cleaning agents or any other manner of abuse falling outside of reasonable performance expectations.

Shipping Damage:
Damage occurring during the shipping, delivery or set up of your Copeland Furniture product is not covered by this warranty and should be addressed with your authorized Copeland Furniture dealer or the party making the delivery.

Storage Facilities:
Storage facilities may be subject to significant changes in humidity and temperature, even if climate-controlled. Any defect to the structure or finish on a product that is noted during or immediately following prolonged storage in a storage facility may not be covered under warranty.

Floor Samples or Products Purchased "AS IS"
This warranty does not cover products designated "AS IS" at the time of purchase.

Differences in Visual Characteristics of Solid Wood
Because of our use of solid wood in Copeland Furniture products, minor variations in color, wood grain, or construction can occur from piece to piece. Solid hardwoods include features such as mineral marks, pitch pockets and color and grain variations. Solid cherry will darken as it ages, assuming a deep, rich patina and is considered a positive attribute. Solid hardwoods usually exhibit a broad range of color tones, and as such, may not match companion pieces in the same way that veneered or painted furniture pieces do. Stained solid wood furniture exhibits a minor range of color variation from piece to piece, both due to subtle variations in the hand wiping process and color differences in the underlying wood itself - particularly when pieces are ordered at different dates. All of the aforementioned variables are natural characteristics of solid wood furniture and are not covered by the terms of this warranty.

Consequential or Incidental Damages:
Copeland Furniture will not be liable for consequential or incidental damages including, without limitation, any liability for third party claims against you for damages. By this Copeland Furniture means any loss, expense, or damage other than to the furniture itself that may result from a defect in the furniture. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.)

YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Except for such other rights, the remedies provided under this warranty state the limit of Copeland Furniture’s