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Collection: Outdoor Benches

There will be some light assembly required as the outdoor furniture is drop shipped by way of Fedex.

While we pride ourselves on our exemplary 100% benchmade hardwood furniture, featuring tried-and-true construction and made from renewable hardwood stock, sometimes there is more value to poly lumber outdoor benches and other furniture than meets the eye. 

For example, some of our highlights include outdoor furniture from LuxCraft and Berlin Gardens, both of which boast stellar examples of outdoor designs made from unique poly lumber. Poly lumber, unlike natural hardwood, is nearly impervious to rot and insects and is highly weather resistant. It is extremely temperature stable and needs effectively no protection against the elements. 

Poly lumber furniture is also naturally resistant to ultraviolet radiation and does not break down or fade under the influence of sunlight. Because poly lumber outdoor benches, seating, and other furniture are made from synthetic instead of natural materials, they neither attract pests nor insects and are do not deteriorate under the influence of vermin. UV-resistant, rust-resistant, fade-resistant, and extremely durable, poly-lumber outdoor patio benches are perfect for updating your outdoor spaces with additional seating. 

Not only does most poly lumber furniture require minimal maintenance if any, and no waterproofing or staining, but many producers also use environmentally friendly materials. In fact, some producers, like LuxCraft, produce their poly furniture from HPDE, or high-density polyethylene, which is made from recycled milk and detergent bottles. That’s right - poly lumber furniture actually removes pollutants from the environment! 

Poly lumber patio furniture is also available in a wide range of configurations and colors, so they’re perfect for every setting and ideal for taking your outdoor living and entertaining to new heights. Check out our outdoor furniture here and if you have any questions, contact us directly at 330-657-2095 or come visit us in our showroom!

Outdoor Benches

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