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Collection: Double Swings

Double swings add character to your outdoor spaces while preserving the intimacy of a loveseat-like arrangement. If you’re looking for a unique way to add some class to your patio, consider one of the double swings from our collection - we have highlights from Berlin Gardens, LuxCraft, and even HershyWay. 

The high-quality porch swings featured on these pages are made from poly lumber construction, which, unlike natural hardwood, is highly resistant to a wide range of adverse environmental factors. Although the chemical formulation will vary slightly according to the manufacturer, in general, poly lumber furniture is impervious to rain, snow, and other environmental moisture. As such, it is seen as nearly weatherproof. 

Because it is effectively impervious to water and temperature fluctuations, it never needs to be stained, sealed, waterproofed, or refinished the way that wood does. Poly lumber furniture is also remarkably resistant to UV light and also extremely resistant to fading. Many of these swings are available in a wide range of bright, unique colors, and are very colorfast - even in direct sunlight! 

Because they’re not made from real wood, they will not attract insects and are not subject to insect-related damage. They are also nearly impervious to fungus. Some of them, like our Hershyway swings, are also expressly resistant to salt spray and fuels. They’re also made with all stainless steel hardware, that, like poly lumber, is highly resistant to the elements and better equipped to withstand corrosion. 

Many of them are also made with post-consumer plastics, so they’re not just sustainably produced, they actually help remove some pollutants from the environment, doing their part to combat the global plastic crisis. 

Please consult our product listings on this page to learn more, but if you have any questions, you can contact us directly at 330-657-2095. We’re happy to help you choose a swing that will meet your needs perfectly and serve as the ideal complement to your outdoor space! 

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Double Swings

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