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We Carry Wesley Hall Furniture

We Carry Wesley Hall Furniture

Here at Ohio Hardwood, we care about things that matter. That includes quite a lot of considerations, but in some way, these priorities color every aspect of our business. For example, we put the utmost care into the production of our furniture, take pride in our sustainable sourcing and reuse waste everywhere we can. In addition, we put people at the center of our business to promote wellness, both at work and in life. This doesn’t just cover our own operations. In our catalog of unique and handsome furniture, you will find representation from other manufacturers who follow this model as we do. One of these is Wesley Hall Furniture, which has been well received for decades due to their quality and corporate responsibility.

For half a century Wesley Hall Furniture has been creating designs that have impressed its customers and critics, gaining great accolade and repute. We are proud to carry Wesley Hall Furniture for several important reasons.

First of all, Wesley Hall puts people right at the very center of their business model. This means responsibility to the people that make up the company and put the work into their products to make them as well renowned as they are. It also means that customers occupy a central location in their business model. Whether that specifically means offering the stellar customer service for which they are so known or it means providing the breadth of selections that they do for the benefit of their patrons matters little. What matters is that the company is deeply colored by its commitment to people. Here are some ways they accomplish this.

Wesley Hall Offers Unrivaled Quality
Wesley Hall Furniture needs nearly no introduction, as it has gained far-reaching repute for quality in the market for fine furniture. The thing is, their quality extends into other areas of construction that some other manufacturers don’t even touch.

The first aspect of the quality of their furniture is in the construction methods that they use. All of their furniture is completely bench made in the United States. What does that mean for you as a consumer?

It means that every single piece of Wesley Hall furniture that you will find on our site or anywhere else has been made entirely by hand by a skilled craftsman. In other words, automation is not a staple.

Automation is the mainstay of mass production, and it certainly has its place in the economy. Automation cuts costs and can bring technology and products to the market at rates that might otherwise be unsustainable or unaffordable. Much furniture in today’s world is mass-produced.

The thing is, with efficiency comes a greater risk of allowing quality control to slip through the cracks. When cost becomes the focus, the cost may drop at the expense of quality. It takes a great deal of education and many years of experience to become proficient and deeply knowledgeable regarding wood in general and furniture in specific. Understanding the strengths and advantages of certain joints as well as how a specific wood will respond to a treatment or the method by which it has been worked takes a great deal of experience.

In addition to requiring an immense amount of experience and particularly adroit attentiveness to detail when making furniture by hand, there is more that comes with the territory. Benchmade furniture has a craftsman’s eyes on it through every stage of production, which means that an individual or a team is behind the work. They oversee every part of the production and that lends quality control for which there is no equal.

Customer Satisfaction Is A Priority
The fact that customer satisfaction and service take center stage with Wesley Hall takes on a few facets. The first is in the depth and breadth of their offerings.

With furniture as exquisite and unique as Wesley Hall Furniture, one might reasonably assume that their catalog was somewhat restrictive in scope and that it would be difficult to find examples of their furniture to make a match for certain settings. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Imagine a setting, in your own house. That setting more than likely has a theme and a palette of colors that support it. It may even have a collection of decorative pieces like ornaments and wall art to support the environment that you are trying to create.

Even if you can’t personally relate to this, you can probably relate to the idea that interior settings have a spirit and a color that is intrinsic, crafted and influenced by the architecture of the room as well as its furnishings, which include art.

In that way, it can be difficult to find furniture to match a setting, but that isn’t the case with Wesley Hall. One aspect of Wesley Hall’s service to its customers is in their adaptability. Take any given piece of Wesley Hall Furniture and you’ll be impressed by the number of finishes in which you can find it.

Part of the stellar customer service that helps to create the foundation for Wesley Hall’s business model is the number of resources they devote to serving customers original pieces of furniture to match any interior setting. If you love a Wesley Hall sofa, you can find that sofa upholstered in many different options in fabric, and finished according to any of their many options. It’s just one of the ways that Wesley Hall furniture defines, and continues to redefine, dedication to their art and service to the customer.

Durability and Comfort
Wesley Hall Furniture is more than a collection of one of a kind designs that can be customized to a setting. As much as they define the market for peerless pieces of furniture in original designs and a full range of finishes, they set the bar for quality as well.

One might reasonably make the statement that there is no equal to benchmade furniture. A piece of furniture like a sofa or a table, regardless of its materials, will enjoy a level of craftsmanship and quality control when it is made by hand. Just as in any other market, handmade artifacts require a premium of skill and attention that is distilled in the final product.

Even so, workmanship is only one aspect of the holistic measure of quality present in Wesley Hall Furniture. On top of the fact that each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, the quality of their materials lends an entirely distinct level of quality. They use only hardwood stock sourced in the United States as a measure of their quality control to ensure that only their pieces are distinct for quality.

Therefore, Wesley Hall Furniture is remarkably durable. Handmade furniture with hardwood frames and careful construction is intended to last decades. In that way, a Wesley Hall piece is a true heirloom that can breathe its character into a setting as much through longevity as through style. It is a fixture of aesthetics and spirit. An investment in Wesley Hall is very much an investment that can last a lifetime.

Wesley Hall is also committed to producing the most comfortable collection of upholstered pieces in the industry. R&D goes into each chair, sofa and sectional to determine the ideal pitch, back height and seat depth in an effort to create an optimum level of comfort. Unlike many of its competitors, Wesley Hall does not have one standard seat cushion that they use on all frames. Instead, they’ll select what they feel is the right cushion based on the design characteristics of a piece. A more shallow, formal settee will come with a firmer cushion than a casual, deep sectional made for lounging in front of the TV. It is this thoughtfulness and attention to detail that gives Wesley Hall its distinguished comfort.

People First
In all of the work that they do, Wesley Hall puts people first, whether that means their own employees or their customers. Corporate responsibility is a fixture of its operations and is instrumental to its success.

Since their beginnings, they have committed themselves to growth in an American centered industry. They defy negative speculation regarding investing in American labor and do so to great success and have done so for over 50 years. Not only is all of their stock sourced in the U.S.A., but every piece of furniture is made here by hand as well, by skilled craftsmen who are compensated hourly to remove ulterior production incentives.

In service to their customers, they create high-quality pieces in a wide number of finishes to make shopping and decorating equally enjoyable experiences. Their cushioning is made in America and free from undesirable chemicals - and the same could be said of their hardwood stock and finishes. In short, Wesley Hall Furniture does its utmost to provide furniture of the highest quality and the greatest aesthetic allure while benefiting suppliers and other business partners and employees along with customers.

Wesley Hall and More
Not only do we offer Wesley Hall Furniture here at Ohio Hardwood, but we also offer our own entirely unique line of original hardwood furniture that we make in house. Much like our partner Wesley Hall, we here are committed to sustainable, responsible American production.

That all starts with our sourcing. We are committed to sourcing hardwoods in the midwest and we practice special measures to ensure the health and sustainability of our stocks. Where some might make a practice of harvesting lumber every decade or so, in many cases, we wait much longer, sometimes up to thirty years. This allows forest ecosystems to flourish and helps protect our stock for the future.

After harvest and preparation, our lumber is brought to our workshops where our craftsmen machine, surface, join, sand and finish it. Much like Wesley Hall, our vision is that of uniquely made furniture of timeless repute and quality. All of our pieces are likewise entirely bench made - there is no automation in our shops either. Creating quality furniture is a labor of love the fruits of which are matchless class and distinction.

In addition, we give our customers the choice to order a piece of their interest in the wood they choose and have it finished according to their liking. We offer many different pieces of furniture for all rooms in the house ranging from chairs to armoires to bookcases in the woods and finishes you might need.

Even after production, we cut down on waste and use every part of the tree that we harvest. We reuse odds and ends as fuel for heating, recycle sawdust into animal bedding and even repurpose chippings into mulch. It’s just one more way we help to minimize our impact and make the most of our processes.

So take a look through our collection of Wesley Hall Furniture right here on our site and don’t forget to look through our own designs while you’re here. We offer the furniture in the woods and finishes you can use to decorate your entire home with pride and poise. Better yet, if you happen to be in our neck of the woods, come pay us a visit in our actual store. We’re right out here in Peninsula, Ohio, and though we’re a little off the beaten path, we like to think of ourselves as a hidden gem. Come pay us a visit - we’d love to see you!