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The Highlights of Charleston Forge Furniture

The Highlights of Charleston Forge Furniture

In the search for furniture that offers you both classic inspiration and modern appeal, you will come across several names time and time again. Among these are Hubbardton Forge, Copeland Furniture, Leathercraft Furniture, and Wesley Hall Furniture, among many others. Driven by the vision of their designers and craftsman, each of them offers the discrete consumer something unique and irreplaceable.

Another one of these - and one of the producers of the most immediately striking designs out there - is Charleston Forge. Timeless, elegant, and refined and uncut all at once, Charleston Forge furniture has a loyal and growing following among designers. If you’re looking for Charleston Forge in Cleveland, our showroom is just a bit down the road in Peninsula, Ohio. Of course, you should just shop through our online store and find what you’re looking for here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture. Here’s what you can come to expect from Charleston Forge Furniture.

Unsurpassable Quality

While you may have been familiar with the shockingly inspiring designs that come from Charleston Forge’s factory, made of steel, wood, and often glass, what you may not have known is that every single piece of furniture they produce is entirely crafted by hand.

Not only are all of their finished pieces constructed entirely by hand, but just as importantly, every single design they produce is drafted in house. All of their products are the result of unique inspiration that is then carefully crafted to bring you the final products that you can see here in our store. Since everything is made entirely by hand, they are able to apply a fine level of scrutiny to their quality control. That is to say; what they do by hand approaches a level of quality that can never be approached by automation.

Sustainable Process

Not only are all of Charleston Forge’s finished pieces completely made by hand, but they are committed to pursuing sustainable practices, just like we are here at Ohio Hardwood. Charleston Forge actually follows a number of practices that are intended to minimize their impact on their environment and to upcycle and recycle as much as possible. For example, they use recycled steel in the production of their furniture where possible and source all of their hardwood stock from Appalachia - where nearly 3 trees are produced for every one harvested. In addition, they use environmentally friendly paints and finishes in much of their line.

Made in the United States

As mentioned above, every single piece of furniture that comes from Charleston Forge is made by hand and designed internally. In addition, all of their pieces are made right here in America, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of beautiful North Carolina. For nearly thirty years their craftsmen have been forging, carving, planing, and finishing some of the most individualistic pieces of furniture that our country has seen, and their domestic operations enable them to directly oversee everything that goes on behind the scenes.

A Variety of Appeal

As nearly all examples of Charleston Forge Furniture are made to order, the customer can exhibit great control over the visual appeal of the finished product. For example, Charleston Forge offers a number of finishes on their exposed maple and oak woodwork, at the same time giving customers the option to order their wood finished with a distressed look. Their craftsmen also offer a number of finishes on the exposed metal of their pieces. Accounting for the number of finishes in wood, metal, and even leather that you can find in Charleston Forge Furniture, there’s a solution to match any setting.

Harmony between Iron and Wood

If you happen to be looking for designs by Charleston Forge in Cleveland, our online store is always open. You can check out some of the designs that you will find in our collection of Charleston Forge via the link above and you will see just what kind of elegance is typical of their simplicity.

They appear to be almost intentionally simplified, but their designs are unforgettable. The lack of ornamentation draws attention to the natural character of the wood as framed by steel. In fact, the steel itself possesses a certain undeniable quality of native beauty that cannot be overlooked. Few pieces of modern furniture command such poise with such little adornment as do the articles from Charleston Forge.

Investigate our collection of Charleston Forge Furniture via the link above. We might not be the ideal solution for Charleston Forge in Cleveland, but we are the ideal supplier of Charleston Forge. While you’re here you can also investigate our own collection of furniture that, like Charleston Forge furniture, is made entirely by hand, here in America, pursuant to environmentally sustainable practices. Take a look through our online offerings and if you want to set up a time to come see our actual showroom, give us a call at 330-657-2095.