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Seven Reasons to Love Luxcraft Outdoor Furniture

Seven Reasons to Love Luxcraft Outdoor Furniture

We have always placed a really strong emphasis on quality and customer service at Ohio Hardwood Furniture. For those reasons, we are careful to ensure the highest standards of quality in the furniture that we produce for our customers and to adhere to construction techniques that are intended to last for many years if not a lifetime. We also take great pains to ensure sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly.

Many of our pieces are designed for the interior of homes, but many of our clients maintain outdoor spaces for recreation and entertainment, and that is a good thing in its own right. Entertaining in the outdoors, and just spending time outside, in general, is good for the body and the mind and is tied to a suite of health benefits as well.

However, some materials are better suited to outdoor living like others, and for that reason, you will find some pieces of furniture in our collection from select suppliers. Just as we are discrete in the production of our own furniture, the rest of our collection consists of additions from partners who are as serious about quality and customer service as we are. One of these partners that specialized in the production of pieces for outdoor living is Luxcraft, and as it turns out, there’s no shortage of reasons to love Luxcraft outdoor furniture. With no further ado, check out these reasons to add truly distinct designs by Luxcraft to your outdoor space.

  1. Environmental Friendliness

There is more than one way to gauge environmentally sound and sustainable practices. For example, here at Ohio Hardwood, we are judicious about the hardwood stock we harvest. Whereas it is customary for other loggers to harvest hardwoods within rotations of fewer than ten years, we make it a habit and a point to allow forests to regenerate and mature before we harvest, sometimes waiting as long as 30 years. In addition, we make use of all of the scraps of wood that we produce during the construction of our pieces of furniture.

We burn the odds and ends and use the wood as a heating fuel source. We make animal bedding from the chips and sawdust, and so on and so forth. The point is to eliminate waste wherever possible, and we make it a point to do so.

Luxcraft outdoor furniture is also noteworthy for its environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Their outdoor furniture is made of poly lumber, which, by its very nature is a boon for the environment. To put it very plainly, the earth is flooded with tons and tons of plastic waste every year. The estimates vary but the consensus is plain that the earth is gradually being overloaded by plastics that take forever to decompose or never do.

The poly lumber which constitutes is made of a recycled plastic polymer known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). High-density polyethylene has many uses, but in this case, it’s purpose is to create tough, dependable outdoor furniture - but more on that in a moment.

Luxcraft’s process converts old milk bottles and detergent bottles, among other recyclable materials, into HDPE boards from which they create their furniture. The end results are pieces that are over 90% recycled material by weight, which means that each piece of furniture a whole lot of plastic which will subsequently not end up in the oceans or in landfills as waste.

Therefore Luxcraft does its part to help minimize the impact of consumer plastic production on the health of the earth and creates a beautifully aesthetic class of products in the process. Environmental friendliness, however, is only the beginning when it comes to the value of Luxcraft furniture.

  1. Low Maintenance

It would be quite enough for a producer to create designs in furniture that helped to minimize our impact on the environment. Luxcraft, however, has also created a portfolio of products that are unbelievably resilient and essentially maintenance-free.

The high-density polyethylene from which their furniture is made has a number of different uses in addition to creating the containers that constitute the recycled furniture. It is also known for being used to create pipes and chemical containers, among other uses. It is a high-quality thermoplastic that is flexible but very strong and extremely durable, and it is also UV resistant, non-leaching and surprisingly tolerant of extreme temperatures. It’s no wonder that it is so heavily used in so many different industries. Interestingly enough, that makes it perfectly suitable as a material for outdoor furniture. Not only is it valuable in its own right to remove it from the cycle of pollution, but it creates a surprisingly fitting material for the construction of outdoor furniture. Because of these traits, it is effectively maintenance-free.

Because of several of the traits aforementioned, Luxcraft outdoor furniture is perfectly suited to the outdoors and requires almost no maintenance. The material will not deteriorate over time and is resistant to UV radiation. In fact, Luxcraft furniture is available in a number of colors in accordance with the differing needs of customers and even the colors themselves are UV stable. Therefore, their furniture will not fade, flake, crack, warp or splinter or otherwise degrade in response to the elements.

It is not only UV resistant but temperature resistant as well, in addition to being naturally waterproof. Therefore, it will not swell or change with changing conditions. As it is not a natural material, it will neither rot nor attract insects. Because it is resistant to these factors it does not require waterproofing, sealing, staining, painting, or any other counteractive measures or treatments. We called it low maintenance and that’s what it is. In fact, it wouldn’t really be unfair to call it maintenance free. Luxcraft furniture will be as sturdy, and as bright, in ten years as it is today. Set your backyard up with some of their outdoor designs and you’ll be putting a lot of time back in your hands.

  1. Quality

There’s enough to love about the fact that Luxcraft furniture is good for the environment and that it is also basically maintenance-free. However, while Luxcraft is noteworthy for having a positive effect on the earth and being easy to take care of, you can trust that their furniture is made to an uncommon standard of quality, to begin with.

As they say themselves, they build their products and put a specific and pronounced emphasis on durability and longevity, which are two key things to look for in outdoor furniture, although it could be said that you should look for those qualities in any furniture.

Any given unit of Luxcraft furniture is a testament to quality in furniture production. They are stable, balanced, and well crafted. Their joints are strong and secure and the hardware used in their construction gives them a rock-solid feel.

It would be one thing if the material alone engendered such quality in their products, and it does. The HDPE from which their furniture is crafted is naturally resilient to the elements. They go a step further, however, to ensure the quality, durability, and comfort of their finished products, and it shows. Rest assured that their furniture isn’t just resistant to insects and the sun’s rays, but that it will be comfortable and durable for many years to come.

  1. American Made

There’s an old saying that you’re in for a dollar if you’re in for a dime. It goes something like that, and the point is that if you cut corners in the short run you’ll be paying for it in time (or money) in the long run. All of Luxcraft’s furniture is made right here in America and that gives them a direct hand in quality control.

That's critical to quality, since, as we mentioned in the section above, quality is central to Luxcraft furniture. Many companies make bold claims about quality standards but are so drawn out over their supply chains that they are difficult to maintain and ensure. As stated, all Luxcraft furniture is made right here in the United States of America which allows them to oversee production from start to finish. It also allows for an uncommon and uncompromising degree of quality as explained in the immediately preceding section.

  1. They Give Choice to the Customer

In addition, Luxcraft outdoor furniture is made in a dizzying number of colors - 32 colors, to be exact. These colors range from bright reds and blues to natural finishes that mimic the color of exotic and domestic hardwoods. They don’t just give you a few color choices and then set you adrift. Part of their commitment to customer service and satisfaction is the fact that they make it possible for you to color coordinate any outdoor living space with the greatest of ease.

With Luxcraft, it doesn’t matter if your outdoor living area is under a red gazebo or features a red brick fire pit or chimenea. You can easily match the colors of the other fixtures of your living area with examples of Luxcraft furniture to complete the scene with no questions asked. Of course, that’s only one example. If the colors of natural woods appeal to you, go with them. Or you could go with blue or lime green or tangerine - the choice is yours. You can have your cake and eat it too, as some might say.

  1. Warranty

On top of this already commendable portfolio of claims, there is the fact that Luxcraft poly furniture is covered by an impressive warranty. Not only is their furniture made to compliment any situation and built to last for many years, but they extend a guarantee with the purchase. Take a seat somewhere before reading this, because it’s going to leave an impression.

Luxcraft furniture isn’t just durable and built for the long haul. It is guaranteed to do so. All Luxcraft furniture that is bought and destined for residential settings come with a lifetime guarantee. That means that if you buy a Luxcraft piece or set today, it may very well be the last set you ever need to buy in your lifetime. Take your time shopping and spare no expense, because when you purchase with confidence from a collection of Luxcraft furniture, you will be getting a product that will last.

This is generous enough, but they even cover their furniture for commercial uses and settings by a five-year warranty. If there’s something that takes a beating it’s commercial outdoor furniture, but Luxcraft still stands by their products with a five-year warranty.

  1. Integrity

When it comes to customer service, it’s hard to beat Luxcraft. A big part of their commitment to customer service comes in the form of the wide range of options they offer, their warranty and their commitment to quality, but it goes much further. It was by no accident that Luxcraft grew from a two-person operation to a full-fledged company deserving of such repute.

Work with Luxcraft and you will be treated like a member of the team as though you are a personal friend or family member. They conduct every practice and each transaction with the highest measure of respect and integrity in order to ensure honesty and to cultivate trust with their customers. They have that much in common with Ohio Hardwood Furniture, which is a big part of the reason that we feature them among our catalog of the highest quality furnishings for your home.

There are several of the best reasons to love Luxcraft products. Whether it’s for the number of options of colors that they offer or for the fact that they are doing the good work when it comes to combating pollution, Luxcraft furniture is a great investment for your home.

You can find a collection of pieces representing Luxcraft’s portfolio here on our website, but we would love for you to come pay us a visit in our store as well. We’re situated in Peninsula, Ohio, which, though a little off the path, is well worth the find. Give us a call at 330-657-2095 to set up a time to visit. Till then, take some time to get familiar with our online catalog.