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Picking out a Thayer Coggin Piece

Picking out a Thayer Coggin Piece

We sell only the best the market produces here in our store and in our online catalog. Defining the “best” might in some ways be a matter of personal preference, but rest assured that we account for the objective quality of construction and materials, as well as business models, ethical practices as well as the aesthetics of finished pieces when we are choosing suppliers to add to our collection of furniture.

Among the fine examples of furniture that you will find in our catalog are some designs by Thayer Coggin, which produces some of the most highly regarded seating in the industry. Since 1953, Thayer Coggin has been setting the standard for the production of high quality, upholstered seating arrangements from their workshops in High Point, North Carolina. Thayer Coggin’s dining chairs, lounge chairs, swivel chairs, sectionals, and sofas stand alone for quality, aesthetics, and comfort.

Their furniture designs follow the vision and mission of their founder and designer, Milo Baughman. Their recognizable furniture is remarkable for the quality of its construction as well as for the customizability it offers the final customer.

In the first place,  all of their furniture is bench-made by a single craftsman who oversees and is behind the entire process of production. Their handcrafted designs utilize environmentally friendly materials including foams that were manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and are upholstered with the finest leathers and fabrics available. They even perform tests to ensure the durability and comfort of the cushions they use as part of their finished pieces.

Then there is the fact that their furniture is customizable in accordance with the preferences of the customer. In many cases, Thayer Coggin furniture can be customized down to the finish of the wood and the hardware in order to perfectly fit its environment. All of that is important, especially considering how important seating is to an interior. Consider the following.

Sofas, sectionals, and other seating are some of the most functional and heavily used pieces of furniture in any interior design. Yes, you will use a table for placing settings and decor, and occasionally for displaying a book or resting your mug. However, much furniture is largely for looking at and not for use. Seating is the exact opposite - seating does have aesthetic value but its primary purpose is in its function. No one ever noticed an uncomfortable table or dresser, but an uncomfortable sofa, that is another thing entirely.

Not only will seating be evaluated on its merits of comfort, but it is likely to be the most heavily used piece of furniture in any arrangement. When company comes into your home, they make right for the sofa or other available seating. In fact, that observation is true even without the inclusion of company. When you or your family members enter a room you likely make for the seating. Comfortable spots come at a social premium, and you’re more likely to stay long in a comfortable seat, anyway.

There are some reasons that it pays to invest in a quality seating arrangement on top of the fact that it will get a lot of use and its comfort is important. On top of these reasons, and related to them, is the fact that a sofa, and seating in general, serve as a type of focal point or point of interest for a room. People will gather around a sofa even when they do not sit in it. On top of that, as they are often placed in the center of a setting, a sofa will add a lot of color to the mood and spirit of a room.

That’s another thing to keep in mind. Seating has a lot to do with the presence in a setting. It tends to take up a lot of space right in the middle of a living or gathering space, so for better or for worse it is going to add a lot of character and influence into that room. Then there is the fact that it is very likely to be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in a room, and since it will get so much use and be judged accordingly, you may as well invest in a good one.

These are some of the reasons we offer examples of Thayer Coggin furniture here in our online store as well as in our showroom in Peninsula, Ohio. Take some time to get familiar with some of our fine pieces by Thayer Coggin on our site, and if you can carve out some time to visit, come see us in our store so you can actually get acquainted with some pieces that may have caught your eye. Give us a call at 330-657-2095 to learn more about Thayer Coggin or plan your visit.