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Explore Luxury Furniture Options at this Ohio Furniture Store

Explore Luxury Furniture Options at this Ohio Furniture Store

So, in this hypothetical scenario, you are redecorating your home. Redecoration may come with a lot of trials and tribulations. After all, you will be spending quite a bit of money giving your home a new look. This isn’t to say that it’s not worth it, though! A home redecoration means revamping your living space and allowing you and your family to find a new way to love your home.

By redecorating or even renovating your space, it allows you to refresh your home and fall in love with it all over again. Redecorating might be a good option when you think it’s time to replace anything in your home like appliances or furniture. Although your home’s furniture is thought to last many years, normal wear and tear could shorten that lifespan.

Additionally, taste and style preferences change, so what you once thought was stylish or practical enough for your home might not be the case anymore. No worries, because there are plenty of home decoration stores or websites to broaden your horizons with.

No matter the style, size, or inner workings of your home, our store, Ohio Hardwood & Upholstered Furniture is sure to please any homeowner. Our storefront and showroom are located in Peninsula, Ohio, just a short drive from Cleveland. However, we do have our online store that is fully equipped with many styles, designers, and brands of furniture of your choosing.

We understand the importance of good quality furniture over everything else when redecorating or refurnishing your home. New furniture should be built to last and be susceptible to the wear and tear of everyday life. This mindset makes us the premiere Ohio furniture store.

Our Dedication to Excellence

From our humble beginnings, we have been dedicated to providing the best furniture pieces. Our founder and the first owner opened this shop as a lumber mill until 2008 when Ohio Hardwood Furniture was opened.

We like to stand out from the crowd by producing unique and high-quality hardwood furniture pieces. Unlike our conventional, retail counterparts, we fully embrace the craftsmanship that comes with each piece of furniture we sell on our online store and showcase in our storefront.

Our custom design solutions allow our customers to break away from traditional or cookie-cutter furniture styles that are widely available in other stores. Being able to choose from your own wood, stain, and size of each piece of furniture gives our customers the necessary involvement in furniture that will now be used in their homes for years to come.

No matter if you decide to purchase furniture from one of our selected brands or want to start at the bare bones for your newest furniture collection, the team at Ohio Hardwood will be with your every step of the way.

We Know the Importance of Sustainability

Especially during these times, sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Being one of the leading Ohio furniture stores, we fully understand the need for sustainable practices, so that is why we make our furniture in the way that we do.

Being that most of our furniture is made internally, we locally source all of our lumber that is sustainably sourced in regions of the Mid-West. Due to the impacts of deforestation, we work with excellently trained foresters that know exactly when a tree should be cut. There is no need to clear wide areas of trees that destroy the ecosystem of that forest just for the sake of our furniture.

To eliminate any waste wood, we try to use every single part of the tree. Any extra wood from our sawmill is used as a heat source for our homes. For our landscape mulch, we use extra wood edgings. Nothing goes to waste here at Ohio Hardwood.

We Supply The Best Brands

Picking out premade furniture that may best fit your needs is the traditional way to go. Not everyone can design custom furniture for their home, it can be hard to imagine how a custom piece can actually fit your home. So, we do stock our online store with brands and furniture designers that we trust.

All of our designer brands are ready to ship, so there’s no extra wait time when it comes to purchasing new furniture. Choose from brands like CR Laine, Hallagan, Leathercraft, Our House, and more! Our team believes in variety, so that’s what we continue to provide our customers.

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we hope to be the furniture store you can turn to when thinking of redecorating or refurnishing your home. From our hand-made custom furniture to our ready-to-ship furniture brands, we want to see your living spaces flourish with beautiful, high-quality furniture.

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