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Customizability Is the Reason to Add Leathercraft Furniture to Your Home

Customizability Is the Reason to Add Leathercraft Furniture to Your Home

The title says it all. Actually, the title only says some of it, but it’s powerful enough to stand on its own. Customizability is the chief reason to add Leathercraft Furniture to your home. There are others, among them being the objective quality of craftsmanship, emphasis on class and distinction, and of course, comfort.

At Ohio Hardwood Furniture we place the highest emphasis imaginable on the quality of the furniture we sell and on the nature of the processes we promote and utilize. In few of our partners are processes and finished products united as admirably as they are in Leathercraft Furniture.

Additionally, we place a high emphasis on the value of aesthetics. As important as objective quality and craftsmanship are, they are best completed with beautiful aesthetics. This, paired with an endless array of options for customizing their furniture, makes Leathercraft a staple of our catalog.

  • Wood Finishes: Everyone knows that the character of natural wood cannot be understated, and the beauty even of humble wood furniture often outdoes itself. The thing about this is that wood is a powerful presence that must be mated pleasantly to other natural elements of design. It’s difficult to pair Black Walnut with bright white Maple!

Luckily, Leathercraft Furniture can be customized down to the finish of the wood. Whether you’re looking for something with the dark and brooding tones of ebony or the regal, stately nature of brown cherry, there’s a finish in their catalog that will provide a beautiful match for your home.

  • Nail Trim: Wood finish is not the only element of design that must be afforded harmony with the rest of your furniture and decor. It would make little sense, for example, to incorporate two distinct pieces of furniture into your home, the one having bright brass hardware and the other showing off black iron trim.

These are both pleasant trimmings, in their own right; they simply are not pleasant in each other's company. Whereas one is polished, refined, and elegant, the other is warm and rustic, perhaps even antiquarian. They’re beautiful separately but they clash when they’re together.

The issue here doesn’t come from one piece of furniture having a mish-mash of different trims. It comes from having several pieces of furniture in a room with different trimmings. Luckily, that’s something that you can customize on Leathercraft Furniture as well.

  • Leather and Fabric: While Leathercraft is noteworthy for providing a ton of different trim and wood finishes, where they really make an impression is with the leather and fabric customizations that they provide. Naturally, their specialty is leather, so if you’re looking for a beautiful leather seating arrangement this is one of the finest names you can choose. You can customize not only the leather color but also the texture and surface, be it smooth, pebbled, or otherwise. Whatever finish or color you’re looking for, you can have it with Leathercraft.

In addition to leather, you can also customize Leathercraft with a wide range of different fabrics. Whether you want your seating to stand out from the rest of the room or match with the carpet or curtains, you can easily execute your vision with Leathercraft. They build that right into their model.

  • Custom Measurements: In addition to allowing you to make custom alterations to a wood finish, hardware and leather, you can order truly custom furniture. All you need to do is get in touch with us about placing a custom order and we’ll help you out. You can create custom frames and even suggest a custom wood finish by providing a sample; in addition, you can utilize their “by the inch” program in order to complete your custom vision with custom-cut upholstery.

These and other reasons make Leathercraft one of the prime options at your disposal for the decoration of your home, ranging alongside the other top makers in our catalog such as Thayer Coggin, McKinley Leather, Copeland Furniture, and Wesley Hall.

Sometimes what you really need for your home is a piece of furniture that compliments the setting, and nothing compliments a setting like a truly unique, custom piece. Please visit our collections via the links above to learn more about our offerings, and of course, give us a call at 33-657-2095 if you have any questions. The customizations of which we’ve spoken here complement those that we can create for you in our own line of furniture; to learn more about that contact us!

What we’d really love is for you to visit us in-store, however. While we’re a little off of the path (we’re located in Peninsula, Ohio) we’re of the belief that things that need a little effort for discovery are worth them. We like to think of ourselves as Ohio’s best-kept secret; come on in and get really familiar with our unique designs the next time you’re in our neighborhood!