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Cultivating Harmony with Wesley Hall Furniture

Cultivating Harmony with Wesley Hall Furniture

We here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture place a lot of emphasis on a few different things. The integrity of a deal, the value we offer through our products, commitment to quality, and producing beautifully finished products, by hand, are some of them. We care about our customers, our craft, and the environment. Business has been good to us, and so we owe it to pay it back to our clients.

We do this partially by creating some of the finest, benchmade, hardwood furniture in the country. We also do this by offering an exquisite line of furniture from carefully selected partners. We also do this by providing valuable information to our customers.

In that respect, we offer our insight into design and how our furniture, and the furniture of some of our partners, can be used to compliment your home. The architecture and the design concept of a home will influence the spirit of the location. So will the prevailing color scheme and any predominant themes to which you stick in terms of interior decor.

It’s no secret that the furniture that you include in your home will have as big of an influence, if not bigger, on the way the home presents itself to visitors. Your furniture can accent or clash with your design aesthetic, and it is a very important element of your home. It’s also fairly permanent, and a well-chosen decision will stick with you for the rest of your life. Therefore you should take the time you need in order to make the right selection in the first place.

Because furniture will make such a pronounced influence on the spirit of a setting, we offer plenty of different styles in our collection. Although we are critical and sparing with the furniture we choose to offer in terms of make, the styles are diverse enough to lend a little bit of a unique touch to any school of interior design.

Among the many names that we offer in our online store as well as in our showroom is Wesley Hall. Wesley Hall furniture is some of the finest in the world, remarkable for its quality and comfort as much as for their company vision. It is one of the few names that we have selected to offer as a part of our inventory, and for a number of good reasons.

These reasons will become apparent throughout the course of this article, but the key here is that you can cultivate harmony with Wesley Hall furniture while you add an unmistakable touch of distinction to your home.

Wesley Hall Quality
First, we would like to vindicate our choice in Wesley Hall, as we are proud of the fact that we are so exclusive with the names in furniture that we allow into our collection. For example, you will find highly regarded examples of furniture from makers such as Copeland, Leathercraft, and Luxcraft Outdoor Furniture in our collection alongside Wesley Hall.

Wesley Hall, like Ohio Hardwood, puts people at the center of its operations; they put stock in their workers and believe in the value of human equity. By treating their workers properly, they ensure that the people who work for them put their hearts into the operation, dedicating themselves to the quality of the furniture that they produce. For example, they pay their employees an hourly wage, rather than paying them by the piece they produce. This helps to ensure that there is no incentive to compromise quality.

Also relevant to their staunch dedication to quality is the fact that Wesley Hall Furniture is entirely benchmade in the United States; it is produced in North Carolina as it has been for many years. Every piece is made entirely by hand using only the best materials that can be sourced and proven techniques, including handmade and hand-joined hardwood frames, hand-tied spring systems, and high-quality, ultra-premium cushioning.

The Wesley Hall Sit
There’s something else about Wesley Hall that distinguishes their name beyond the salient points that we have so far addressed. It would be quite enough if Wesley Hall produced furniture of such high-quality and aesthetic class, but there is something more about their furniture that gives it such objective intrinsic value.

Specifically, this regards the importance of seating in your home. There is an argument that all furniture is functional, to a degree. A table is used as a temporary, level storage place for homemade objects, where they are plates or the mail. A hutch contains sundry personal accessories, and a cupboard stores the dishes and the cups. There is a measure of functional utility that comes along with any piece of furniture, but there is no escaping the utility of a Wesley Hall sofa or seat.

There is an industry phrase that you might recognize, and that is the “Wesley Hall sit” which eponymously describes the quality of seating arrangements with respect to their comfort. The phrase says it all; there is no comfort like a Wesley Hall seating arrangement, and the furniture industry has been permanently colored by its influence.

Match the Color Scheme
Beyond the incomparable value and quality of Wesley Hall, one of the greatest attributes comes in the form of the customizability that they offer for their customers, that we are also able to provide.

Wesley Hall offers an amazing number of premium luxury textiles as well as leather upholstery to grace their furniture. The collection is so vast it’s pointless to enumerate the number of finishes, colors, patterns, and other features that you can customize in their furniture.

If your home is arrayed with a regal golden and burgundy color pattern, you can find a finish in Wesley Hall that will perfectly complement the setting. If your living room would be made all the more welcoming and demure with the addition of a black leather couch, then you can find that in Wesley Hall just the same. In their catalog of diverse colors, leathers, finishes, patterns, and much more, there truly is something for every setting.

Customize the Wood and Hardware
It would be quite enough of a bonus if Wesley Hall’s commitment to customization and the ideal customer service ended with the innumerable array of patterns, fabrics, textiles, and leather they offer in their upholstery. Yet it doesn’t end there. When you shop through a collection of Wesley Hall designs like those that you will find in our online store, you can customize the finish of the wood and even of the hardware before you settle on a design.

That means if you see a sofa or a chair in our collection that you love but wish it offered you something different in the style or color of the upholstery, you can switch it up easily as we have already explained. At the same time, if you really needed brass hardware or a dark wood stain on the exposed wood, you can customize it with their designs.

Go Grandiose
Something else amazing about Wesley Hall Furniture is how it provides you with so many avenues to decorate. Some of our other designers, such as Copeland, excel at simplified, minimal aesthetics that have been described as minimalistic. That is ideal for some settings, but not for all.

If the design of your home calls for a more refined and dignified, even grandiose aesthetic, you can complement that with some of the positively regal designs that you will find in our Wesley Hall collection. Sometimes simple is the way to go and sometimes overstated is nothing of the sort, but necessary for the harmony of a design.

Go Simple
As mentioned above, sometimes you need a vibrantly overstated design to set off the tones that you have created for your interior spaces, but that is not always the case. As we mentioned earlier, there is sometimes a need for a simplified, understated, humble appeal that you need.

In settings like those, you can capitalize on some of the more toned down offerings that you can find in Wesley Hall. If you make the mistake of setting together elements of design that do not integrate well with the furniture you choose, it can have a somewhat negative effect on the spirit of your home. Luckily Wesley Hall makes a great name for itself by offering you plenty of different designs, and any of these can be relatively easily altered with the vast customizability you can have in Wesley Hall.

Great Versatility
With the amount of versatility that their designs offer you, it should come as no surprise that one of the greatest benefits of decorating with Wesley Hall designs is that it offers you so much versatility in how you finish your interior decor.

Wesley Hall seating can lend your home an air of sophistication that you almost would not be able to pull off with any other designs, but it can also be nearly self-effacing in its humility. Between these two extremes, there is a positive infinity of possibilities, that can match to almost any setting. As it turns out, you can have it all with Wesley Hall - you can have unmatched comfort, excellent quality, and a diversity of design aesthetics that will never disappoint you.

Visit Our Online Collection
Whatever vision you wish to create for your home, you can probably pull it off with the designs that we offer here from Wesley Hall. As you shop through our collection of Wesley Hall Furniture, remember that you can easily make an accessory of so many of our other designers' pieces, including Thayer Coggin, Leathercraft Furniture, Charleston Forge, Hallagan, and many others.

Whether you’re going for a Midcentury Modern look, a minimalist look, a classic design, or something rustic and bucolic, it’s never been easier than it can be with the help of Ohio Hardwood Furniture. Not only is our collection comprehensive, but we offer our own line of unique, original furniture, exemplary for design and construction.

Our Own Line
Our own line of furniture that we create here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture is made only from select native hardwood stock such as White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, and Maple. We give you the option of wood and of finish when we create furniture for you, but we take it a step further than that.

All of our unique hardwood furniture is created in house by skilled craftsmen and is entirely benchmade. We use only tried and true methods for construction, such as mortise and tenon joints that are designed to add strength and last a lifetime. We place quality on a pedestal and let it guide all of our processes.

On the note of quality, we don’t just create pieces of furniture that are remarkable for their durability and quality. We make it a point to promote sustainable practices and minimize our impact on the environment.

To ensure the health of our hardwood stock, we harvest wood in particularly long cycles, sometimes as long as 30 years. That gives wooded land time to mature and develop; other loggers harvest in much shorter cycles, and that is stressful on the ecology of the system that it impacts.

In addition, we minimize waste. Spare odds and ends of lumber get used as fuel to heat our shops and homes, and even small bits and pieces and shavings get repurposed as mulch. We don’t even waste sawdust - we repurpose it for use as bedding for livestock.

Visit Us
Our online collection might be impressively dazzling, but there’s no replacement for a visit to our showroom. We’re a bit out of the way, located in Peninsula, Ohio, but the trip is worth it. You’ll get to interact with some of our own furniture and some of our floor displays firsthand, which is the only way to really get a feeling for the type of quality and spirit it will lend to a setting.

Check out our online collection, and if you can make time to come see us and learn more about processes, we’d love to see you. You can always reach out to us at 330-657-2095 anytime you want to plan a visit.