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Copeland Furniture for the Entire Home

Copeland Furniture for the Entire Home

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we pride ourselves on designing our own pieces of furniture for your home, as well as sourcing them from select stocks that have been carefully managed to ensure the sustainability of the venture.

Not only do we source our stock from carefully managed hardwood forests, but we take extra pains to ensure that no part of the tree goes to waste while we go about producing our exquisite benchmade furniture that you can use to decorate every room in your home.

Although we are proud of our catalog, we also offer some exemplary designs from other manufacturers of furniture of rare and noteworthy quality and character. One of these is Copeland Furniture, designs from which manufacturer you can find right here on our site, and just our own collection, for every room in your home.

We select these pieces of furniture from other suppliers based on the merits of their construction, their finished aesthetics, and their practices. Copeland Furniture, like Ohio Hardwood Furniture, is noteworthy for the remarkable quality of the construction of their furniture and for the techniques they use. Most of all their designs are remarkable for their unique vision - in truth, they are unlikely to be like anything else you are liable to find available today. Let’s take a look at what drives them.

Shaped by Landscape and Culture

Copeland Furniture has taken its inspiration from land, culture, and history. Since their beginnings, they have operated from Vermont, a state that is truly remarkable for its culture and values. The least populous state east of the Mississippi River and one with a strong rural and civil history, Vermont’s pride in its agricultural past continues to color the products that come out of their state. Additionally, Vermont is one of only four states who in their history were independent nations prior to joining the United States. The people in Vermont value the hard work and independent spirit of their agricultural past and present. Copeland Furniture is emblematic of the design and quality that are customary of what it means to be ‘Vermont made.”

Copeland Furniture’s vision of a family-run furniture operation began in the 1970s in Vermont, where they have since remained to this day. Initially, the family began their operation by creating cider presses from local hardwoods that were intended to be used on a small scale. Over time, their designs shifted to simple, functional furniture that people could use to decorate their homes without any loss of rugged functionality.

As they grew and demand outstripped the abilities of their small operation, they moved to a manufacturing facility in Bradford, Vermont. As they continued to grow, they incorporated precision manufacturing techniques into their processes that were traditionally entirely completed by hand. This they accomplished without any sacrifice of their handmade quality of vision of design.

Today, Copeland’s designs are a harmonious balance of these handmade practices and the refinement afforded by modern techniques. Their focus remains on the community, and people are still at the heart of the operation. As such, they are unique among furniture brands because their designs are an impressive amalgamation of the past and the present.

Defining Copeland’s Design

Because Copeland’s processes are such a fluid balance of handmade style and technological innovation, it can be difficult to find one single niche into which the design of their furniture can comfortably settle. Like the culture of Vermont, which has been colored by so many different peoples and heritages throughout history, the mixing of elements and techniques in Copeland’s designs has crafted a truly unique aesthetic that cannot be succinctly categorized. That being said, it is remarkable for its uniqueness and wholesomely appreciable.

Their designs have been likened to the minimalism of Scandinavian furniture, Mission and Shaker designs, and many others. Copeland has artfully integrated all of these different elements and more into their furniture artfully in part because of their skillful ability to preserve the delicate tracery of heritage and tradition. Seeing the value in all things, old and new, is something that comes to the hardy people of Vermont with ease, and it has enabled the people behind Copeland Furniture to produce these inspiringly unique designs.

As a result of the fact that their designs have been so widely inspired by so many different influences, you can make a match for just about any room in your home with their designs. While you might wish to color your canvas with designs with a mixture of different designs from many different furniture manufacturers, you could very easily outfit your home with what Copeland can offer you.

Designs for the Living Area

Your home’s living area is very likely the first place that visitors to your home will be exposed to, and it is also likely that you will spend an inordinate amount of your own time within that space as well. As such, the tone you set in your gathering areas like your living room, family room, or any other common space will set the foundation for the rest of your home. In other words, the styles you incorporate into your living spaces can bleed over into the other areas of your home. While open gathering areas are far more public and less intimate than other rooms in your home, they can have a pronounced effect on the overall spirit of your living space.

While you can diverge from the standards you set in any given room in your home, it is much easier to create a balanced harmony between the different rooms with a cohesive design. That being said, much of Copeland’s catalog of furniture is impressively compatible with different designs. This may be due in part to the minimalist aspect of their design, but whatever the case, designing with Copeland Furniture will give you an immense amount of flexibility.

A little piece as seemingly innocuous as Copeland’s Catalina Coffee table can go quite a long way toward setting the tone of an interior. As described on our site, the table makes the most of clean, unadorned lines in its construction and makes the most of a mid-century modern minimalist design. Interestingly, although the original reasons for such design were to accent the importance of austerity and creating something useful out of simple components, the effect has been one to underscore the natural beauty of the hardwoods that have gone into it. While it lacks ornate carving or turning, this coffee table gives you a chance to interact personally with the character of the wood. This coffee table is crafted from American Black Walnut, a beautiful, dark wood that has made a comeback in recent years and deserves every ounce of praise for its rich color and depth.

If you need something more than just a coffee table to breathe some color into your living room or family room, then consider a piece of furniture like Copeland’s Catalina Bookcase. One or a pair of these can make a perfect match for a TV stand as the focal point of your room, and they take a similar form as Copeland’s Catalina Coffee Table. Minimal, as usual, with an open back for the showcasing either of books or mementos and with the signature stands that characterize Copeland’s designs, this is another fitting piece to set the stage for living quarters. Best of all, it is also crafted from solid American Black Walnut, so if you wanted to make a match for some other Copeland designs in the same finish, it couldn’t be easier.

Your kitchen is another space that, depending on the manner of your living, might be just as much a space for entertainment as your living room. While in some circles wood furniture has fallen out of favor for the decoration of kitchens, Copeland’s designs can make a solid case for the argument that there is no good reason for that.

Consider decorating your kitchen space with a functional piece like Copeland’s Audrey 1 Door, 3 Door Buffet and Hutch which is available in either cherry or walnut and can really lend some character to a kitchen while at the same time offering a lot of use in storage and entertainment.

Depending on where you set it up, you can realize a huge amount of functionality from this piece, and it can be set up to accommodate wine bottles, glasses, dishes, and much more. Its character in dark American Black Walnut or warmer cherry can breathe volumes of life into a kitchen space, whether used for function or form, in any case.

In addition to a piece like this, you could breathe even more character into your kitchen with a table like their Audrey Fixed Top Table, which is also available in either walnut or cherry. Every kitchen needs a kitchen table, and this one would do just as well in your kitchen flanked by some of Copeland’s chairs as it would do in your living room. Its design is noteworthy not only because it catches the attention, but because it is set up in such a way that it maximizes each diner’s access to legroom. It is strong and stable even as it remains unobtrusive, and it affords plenty of space for each person sitting at it. As much with the other offerings here, its charming character in solid American Black Walnut or Cherry cannot be understated.

Of course, you could also go with an option like Copeland’s Audrey Round Extension Table in walnut. This table takes the convenient form of a round kitchen table for intimate or familial dining, occupies a small amount of space, though it comes with an extension leaf for those times that you need to entertain. Depending on your needs in space, this might be a better option than the Audrey Fixed Top. Although, as the case might be, one might be fitting for the kitchen and the other for the dining room. Take a look for yourself through their many examples of dining tables, dining chairs, and other furniture for your kitchen or dining room.

For the Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home if it is not the most personal. Therefore, the designs you incorporate into that space are likely to most closely reflect your tastes. They should, at least, after all. You don’t entertain from your bedroom and the purpose of its design is to appeal to its inhabitants and not to guests.

If you appreciate the designs we’ve investigated so far, then you might very well be interested in some of the options that Copeland can offer you in furnishings for your bedroom, starting with the fixture of the bedroom and its eponymous sake - the bed.

Copeland offers some truly amazing designs in beds that make the most of space and of impression. For example, take a look at their Astrid Bed with 1 Headboard Panel, that is available in either cherry, maple or walnut. This design in a bed not only maximizes the efficient use of space but also makes the most of the beautiful character of its solid hardwoods, like the rest of Copeland Furniture. Whether your room needs the dark tones of walnut, the warmth of cherry or the bright colors of maple you can find a match in your room for one of their Astrid Beds. You’ll even have the ability to accessorize with one of their Astrid Shelf Nightstands that you can match to the bed.

Every bedroom has a need for a nightstand or a chest of drawers, and if you’re looking to outfit your bedroom with Copeland Furniture you can take your pick from any of their many options that are a part of the same branded line. Copeland’s Astrid Nightstands, Dressers, and Chests are available in multiple configurations and also in walnut, maple or cherry.

This is only a small peek into some of the designs that you can find on our website from Copeland Furniture. Investigate our site for other options in design, and give us a call if you have any questions about products or construction at 330-657-2095. If you can find the time, we’d love to see you at our store in Peninsula, Ohio, so plan a trip if you can arrange one - then you can get a real feel for some Copeland Designs.