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Celebrating Our House Designs: The Unsung Hero

Celebrating Our House Designs: The Unsung Hero

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we have made it abundantly clear that we are based on a few guiding principles. Among them are a commitment to sustainability, cultivating worker satisfaction by encouraging an emphasis on quality, handmade, hand-finished furniture using proven, time-tested techniques, and the use of quality, sustainable materials - notably native hardwood stock.

These commitments are evident in the furniture that we produce here in-house, from the quartersawn white oak armoires to beautiful, bright cherry nightstands. Everything we produce is unexampled and unmatched by our competitors, right down into the details.

All the same, we have welcomed a variety of other furniture designers into our catalog of home furnishings, with highlights from Thayer Coggin, Copeland Furniture, Wesley Hall, Leathercraft, Hubbardton Forge, and others. These fine furniture producers have something in common, outside of the fact that they are committed to producing furniture arrangements that are unrivaled for character, class, and comfort: many of them are located in the Mecca of furniture production right here in the United States.

With the notable exception of Copeland, which is located in Vermont, many of our featured brands in furniture hail from the mountainous area of Western North Carolina, where many of the nation’s (and the world’s) finest furniture producers are headquartered.

What’s missing from the above list is Our House Designs, which, like many of the others, is nestled at home right in the foothills of North Carolina. Don’t let the name fool you; welcoming and approachable as it is, Our House Designs is its own maker, but we’re proud, nonetheless, to feature them in our online showroom.

Our House Designs: Making a Name for Itself

Our House Designs, located in Hickory, North Carolina, represents many of the central tenets that typify the other designers we feature here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, ranging alongside other greats like Thayer Coggin and Wesley Hall - with which they share their home state.

Like our own designs and those of our other partners, Our House Designs are made entirely in the United States by skilled craftsmen that have devoted their lives to their labors. Each and every piece of furniture is entirely benchmade right here in America using proven techniques and nothing but the finest, high-end raw materials.

Our House Designs feature construction of solid frames constructed from hardwood stock and 8-way hand-tied seating, for the utmost in durability and comfort. The cushions they pair with their seating are also made in the United States and unrivaled for durability, support, and of course, comfort.

As for upholstery, Our House Designs have carved out an immutable name for itself by creating completely unique silhouettes and finishing them with nothing but the finest fabrics and leathers that prudence and dedication can source. Each of their pieces can be further complemented with their designer wood finishes and other accenture.

Made for You, According to You

While we offer some floor models here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, much of the value in Our House Designs echoes that provided by our other partners - which is in the value of customization.

Furniture, like art, is unique to a setting and entirely one of a kind. Some would even argue that furniture is art. For our part, we would front that argument. Therefore, you can’t simply buy “stock” furniture and use it to create a sense of personality. That must be arranged in accordance with the needs of the setting.

While Our House Designs offers a range of pre-made furniture silhouettes, there is quite a bit of variety among them, and each of them can be further customized to your setting by the artful implementation of one of their custom wood finishes, upholstery options, and even hardware.

Their commitment to personalization leaves no stone unturned. You can make the setting with bright, uplifting, glossy wood or toned down, scaled back weathered finishes; the same can be said of the variety in color, texture, and character offered by their leathers and fabrics. Completing the image is the ability to customize with hardware.

No effect is unexplored and Our House Designs is committed to creating a sense of harmony and personality for your home - you just need to take the initiative to help them create it.

Come Visit Us to Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about Our House Designs and why they have earned their space in our collection, feel free to get in touch with us at 330-657-2095. We’d be more than happy to help, but allow us to suggest a visit instead.

Furniture, like clothing, provides a very personal touch. It’s something you need to see, feel and physically interact with to understand and appreciate. You can’t really do that from afar - if you’re in our area, come visit our showroom in Peninsula, Ohio.

Like all things worth discovering, it’s a bit out of the way, but our collections will give you a better impression of what you’d like to create, and help you get there. Come on in when you’re in our area, or call ahead to set up a time.