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All About Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture

All About Berlin Gardens Outdoor Furniture

You have an endless number of opportunities at your fingertips for choosing furniture for your home, and there are so many great designs that you will find in our catalog that it can be very easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you’re looking for some of the rustic, minimal designs of Copeland Furniture or you appreciate the visionary genius of Milo Baughman’s design that is evident in the legacy of his Thayer Coggin Furniture, we have a little bit of everything.

We even offer our own designs that we have produced in house and are entirely bench made here in the United States from sustainably sourced hardwood stock. Not only do we create one of a kind designs to make your indoor spaces all that they can be, but we reuse all of our waste to minimize our impact on the environment.

Yet your interior design is only half of the picture. If you really want to complete your home, you can’t neglect the design and layout of your outdoor spaces, especially if outdoor living and entertainment are in your future.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Living!

If you are in the practice of entertaining company in your outdoor spaces, then don’t leave any potential behind. There are so many ways that you can make your outdoor living experience better, and so many people choose instead to buy cheap, flimsy furniture that gets through one season on a wing and a prayer.

The expression “in for a dime, in for a dollar,” comes from situations like this. If you set your outdoor spaces up with cheap dime-a-dozen outdoor furniture, then in some ways you are definitely getting just what you pay for. They fade, warp, crack and fall apart after a season or two of use, and they don’t provide much use at that. Don’t even get us started on what they offer in terms of aesthetic value. We can answer that in a word: nothing.

That’s one of the reasons we decided to expand our inventory to include a high-quality selection in furniture for outdoor living. For years we’ve been producing and selling only furniture of the highest quality for your indoor spaces, but the backyard is a part of the home and therefore deserves the same attention you afford your interior. As we’ve mentioned many times before, the way you decorate your spaces is a reflection on the welcoming spirit of your home, and now, with some of the designs we have in our collection, like Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture, you can complete your look.

What They Do

Berlin Gardens furniture specializes in producing extremely durable, extremely high-quality pieces of furniture for your outdoor spaces. They kill several birds with one stone. In the first place, they use only the toughest and most durable materials, but they take it a step further.

The look, feel, and overall aesthetic of Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture simply can’t be compared to anything else that you’ll find out there. The poly lumber construction of their furniture can hardly be equaled by any other synthetic materials, and in fact, it comes able to afford you a number of benefits that we will detail a little further on in this article.

In other words, you can stop reading now and take a look at some of the Berlin Gardens poly furniture that we offer here and get to decorating your backyard over again with some of the best designs in the industry. Otherwise, read on and we’ll take a much closer look at what makes their poly outdoor furniture not only unique but beneficial.

A Wealth of Styles

Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture is not only noteworthy for the high quality of its construction, but also for the fact that they produce a wealth of styles for the benefit of your design. That is, whatever type of furniture or appeal you’re going for in your exterior design, there is probably something in our collection of outdoor furniture to help you accomplish that vision.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Adirondack chair, a patio swing, or a seating arrangement with durable outdoor cushions, you can find it from Berlin Gardens. In fact, they also offer a number of other supporting pieces of furniture like footstools, storage boxes, and tables to complete the look.

The other thing to keep in mind when shopping through a collection of Berlin Gardens furniture is that you can accessorize in so many different ways through the color alone. Berlin Gardens furniture comes in a ton of different poly colors and finishes. You can accent your outdoor space with bright red poly furniture, a natural wood finish, or even something exotic like a hammered bronze or stainless steel finish.

Why Poly

Another thing that differentiates a company like Berlin Gardens from other producers is the fact that they make their furniture almost entirely from poly lumber. Not only is this not your run of the mill poly material, but there are a few reasons that this type of furniture might be superior to alternatives in the outdoors.

Normally, we would make a case against synthetic materials like this, but given where the furniture is used and how it is made, there are a few benefits to this type of material.

Never Fades

The first benefit that we’re going to address here is the fact that their poly lumber never fades, and it hardly needs any maintenance whatsoever, but we’ll address that in a moment. Because it never fades, regardless of the color or finish you get it in, it will be looking as fresh and new several years from now as it did on the day that you bought it, and all after sitting out in the elements unprotected.

Their poly furniture is made from High-Density Polyethylene, which is also called HDPE. This is a recycled plastic that is extremely tolerant in the face of the elements. In this particular instance, we will draw some attention to the fact that it will not fade.

Changes in temperature, the onslaught of ice, snow, and rain, changes in humidity, and exposure to pests will cause natural wood and many other materials to break down and fade over time. However, one of the most destructive agents of the elements is ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light not only breaks down natural and synthetic materials, but it causes them to fade over time.

Berlin Gardens furniture is treated with an additional layer of protection against UV light. That means that in addition to being resistant to weather, temperature, moisture, pests, most corrosive agents, and more, it is also resistant to UV light. The bottom line? Your Berlin Gardens furniture will require almost no maintenance and will be just as bright years from now as it is today in the catalog.

One more thing to note - this type of furniture never needs to be painted. The colors that are used to make it penetrate throughout the plastic from which it is produced, which means that it will never need to be touched up.

Forget Insect Resistance - Insect-Proof!

Wood isn’t just prone to the onslaughts of the environment such as UV light and changes in temperature. One of the most insidious forces of nature that takes its toll on natural materials is the host of pests that the outdoors will subject them to. Insects, in particular, wreak havoc on exposed wood, even wood that has been treated.

Some larvae eat the wood, whereas others simply make their homes in it. Either way, wood can become a haven for pests and they break it down over time. Guess what insects don’t eat. They don’t eat poly lumber, which means that your Berlin Gardens outdoor furniture will never break down due to the influence of pests. That means you will never need to treat it to resist them or deal with their effects. In fact, you can stop worrying about them altogether.

Effectively Waterproof

Another thing to love about high-quality poly furniture for the outdoors is that it is not only waterproof, but it also will not interact with water at all. In fact, HDPE is a naturally hydrophobic material. There are a couple of things that are worth noting about this.

Wood furniture that is used outdoors has to be meticulously treated and sealed to help extend its longevity. Even with the most intensive and attentive treatments, outdoor wooden furniture that is exposed to the elements will not last forever.

Wood rots when it is exposed to water. Wood also absorbs moisture and will warp, cups, bows, bends, and otherwise distorts itself. The warping is not only unsightly, but it weakens the joinery used in the making of the furniture and effectively “pulls it apart” over time.

High-density polyethylene, on the other hand, is naturally hydrophobic. Therefore it will not only never rot, it will also never absorb any moisture and warp as a result. Additionally, HDPE furniture will never crack or splinter the way natural wood will.

Resistant to Changes in Temperature

Temperature is also another thing that can place a huge strain on natural wood products, and unfortunately, there is no way to treat it. Much like when wood absorbs water and warps, changes in temperature will cause wood to grow and shrink, which will also put pressure on its joints.

HDPE will also grow and shrink in response to changes in temperature, but not to the same degree as well. Also, since it is impervious to moisture, the changes in temperature will not affect the rate at which it absorbs moisture because it doesn’t.

Once again, this just means that HDPE is naturally well suited to life in the outdoors, and can make your life a little bit easier as a homeowner who needs furniture for outdoor living.

Almost No Maintenance

Although Berlin Gardens recommends you clean your furniture with soap and water from time to time, just to keep it clean, the material from which it is made will not promote the growth of bacteria or fungi. At the same time, it is, as we have already mentioned, fade-resistant, resistant to insects, and nearly impervious to the weather.

That means that while you can wash them down periodically, they are basically worry-free. Even the hardware with which they are put together is of the highest quality and is naturally resistant to corrosion and wear.

Great for The Environment

We’ve made a pretty strong case for the value of Berlin Gardens furniture at this point, but we can make it even stronger. Keep in mind that this type of poly lumber is great for the environment, too, and that’s something we care deeply about here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture.

Now, admittedly, not all synthetics are good for the environment. In fact, some of them are downright bad for it. However, this type of poly lumber is actually made from recycled materials, so it is taking pollutants out of circulation rather than adding to them. Also, since it lasts forever, it doesn’t need to be ‘thrown out’ where it will just contribute to pollution once more.

There’s another effect here. While we are very responsible for the lumber we source for our own hardwood furniture, not all producers are. Berlin Gardens producers poly furniture, which means they are not harvesting hardwoods at all. It helps the earth in much more than one way.

Come and Visit Us in Peninsula, Ohio!

If you happen to live in the area or can spare the time for a trip to see how some of our outdoor furniture can better your outdoor spaces, we’d love to see you in our showroom in Peninsula, Ohio. See if you can make it a point to visit us, and then give us a call at 330-657-2095 to stop on by.

But if not and you are still interested in some of the benefits that Berlin Gardens furniture can offer you, you can learn more about it here on our website. Check out our blog, and don’t forget to take a look through what we have in stock from Berlin Gardens before you go! You might just get the chance to give your outdoor spaces a real makeover!