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A Furniture Store in Cleveland to Give Your Home a Unique, Transitional Look with Copeland Furniture

You and your home help to define each other. Visitors to your home will be deeply impressed by your sense of style, and the manner in which you choose to array your home will say a lot about your vision. The interior design of a home is so much more than the color of paint that you use to adorn the walls, so much more than the architecture. It’s more even than the art and decor that you use to finish off the spirit of a place.

While these are significant impactors to the internal mood and environment, something is missing. There is one aspect that sometimes is overlooked and takes a backseat to art and design. The furniture that you include with your interior design will deeply color the rooms within your home, and when you take a step back and look at your collection of furniture as a whole, it can have a profound impact on the setting.

In today’s age more than ever, it has become easy to apparel homes with unsustainably sourced products that exhibit less scruple than might be hoped for in terms of quality. There are so many big-box retailers dotting the landscape that offer affordable options for just about any piece of furniture that it can be tempting to patronize them for your interior and exterior furnishings.

It seems that very often homes are outfitted with easily replaceable examples of tables, chairs, dressers and other pieces of furniture that do not represent the best versions of themselves. The producers that cater to these corners of the market prioritize cost-cutting procedures over quality preserving practices. The more they can produce in the shortest amount of time possible. The result is exactly as you might expect and needs little further explanation.

Thus you have endless options for decorating your home with particleboard and synthetics as low-cost alternatives to traditional materials that represent triumph over time and the highest quality and greatest dependability of all.

That being said, and while there is a near-ubiquity of offerings in interior furnishings that offer less than the best, there are some designers and manufacturers that still do things the old fashioned way, still place the value of quality on an untouchable pedestal, and are committed to excellence in everything they do.

We here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture are more than just a furniture store in Cleveland. We’re proud to be one of those manufacturers that do things the old fashioned way. It might take a little more time, but the value is in the finished product. All of the products we produce in-house are sustainably harvested from local hardwood stocks and crafted using time-proven techniques. Our furniture presents the highest dedication to quality, incorporating timeless construction featuring mortise and tenon joints and featuring American made hardware.

In addition to our own furniture, we’re also a proud supplier of the furniture of some of our exemplary partners who care every bit as much about design and construction as we do. One of these such partners is Copeland Furniture, whose unique designs have been used to great effect to bring a completely one of a kind sense of style to homes throughout the country.

Copeland Furniture provides finished pieces that are every bit as deserving as our own designs, and we are proud to be a supplier of their products. To the people at Copeland, craftsmanship and quality are held in high regard, and that is very evidently showcased in their portfolio of offerings that can offer a refined and unique style to just about any room in your home. We’re proud to be a furniture store in Cleveland whereby you can outfit your home with the eclectic designs by Copeland Furniture.

Culture Built-In: Inspired by Vermont
If you’ve ever been to Vermont, you’ll know that it's a beautiful, unique mix of agriculture, wild beauty and a mixture of cultures from the past and present that come together and vibrate harmoniously. Vermonters place particularly high regard on their agrarian history and their appreciation for the untouched beauty of the natural world. That is evident in their preservation of open spaces and in their dedication to tourism that brings in fishermen, skiers, campers, hunters, hikers and more. Vermont is well known for the scope of its natural beauty, not only among Vermonters but others far and wide around the country. Untouched forests, pristine waters ranging from small mountain streams to the crystal chill of Lake Champlain, and white winter slopes all make up some of the pigments of Vermont’s landscape.

Vermont also happens to be home to some of the largest tracts of virgin hardwood woodland in the eastern half of the country. Especially for such a small state, there are significant portions of Vermont preserved as wild woodland. This aspect of the state is another thing that has affected and been affected by the culture that has taken root there, as will be shortly explained.

Yet all of the culture of Vermont is not the product of the natural world - it is also influenced by the human touch. The people that made homes and names for themselves in the state drew from the natural inspiration and resources and colored them with their own crafts and art. That’s one of the reasons that folk craft and folk art are so popular in Vermont, and so representative of it as a place.

Vermonters nod as much to history as to nature. Many of the small towns nestled in its hills and hollows assiduously maintain antique facades and historical architecture and artifacts alike are preserved with respect, vigor and admiration. A part of the history preserved by Vermonter is the history of fine craft - and some of the finest craft of Vermont can be seen in the designs and construction of Copeland Furniture. Creating solid hardwood furniture, meticulously by hand, to showcase the natural beauty that is only waiting to be exposed, is a tradition in Vermont, and well represented by Copeland Furniture.

A Unique Image
Copeland has been based in Vermont since it’s beginning in the 1970s, now operating out of a facility in Bradford, Vermont. In an unintentional nod to the agrarian roots of many Vermonters, Copeland got its start manufacturing Cider presses for small scale use. What could be more fitting for an all-American company? Apples were one of the first crops introduced by European settlers, and many people subsisted off of their orchards in the early days of the country. Apples provided food and drink for settlers at a time when food and clean water could have been considered scarce by our standards. Tradition and heritage are in the very DNA of Copeland Furniture.

In its early days, Copeland produced butcher-block and Adirondack porch furniture, with an emphasis on simplicity and rugged functionality. Over time, that commitment to simplicity and functionality became a style in its own right.

Take a glimpse through any collection of Copeland Furniture and you will understand what we mean. It can be somewhat difficult to succinctly categorize Copeland’s designs within a particular style. In a sense, Copeland Furniture defies concrete categorization. Despite its simplicity, it seems to possess a character that is entirely unique to it.

Attempts can be made to broadly define Copeland’s unique stylistic take on wood furniture. Since it draws inspiration not only from the raw natural beauty of its hardwood but also from a mix of different cultures through time, it represents a multifaceted level of appeal. It has been called mid-century modern furniture, it has been said to reflect Asian design, and some would even call it contemporary or minimalistic. Drawing influence from Scandinavian and Shaker movements, it would perhaps be best to title it differently. Not able to be neatly fitted into any one of these categories, their furniture is rather Transitional, straddling the gaps that span each of these different influences. Their furniture is simple and functional. It retains some traditional cultural elements, but in ways strips away unnecessary ornamentation to the bare minimum.

Versatile - Outfit Any Room in Your Home
Part of what is so appreciable about the strikingly unique designs of Copeland Furniture is their adaptability to nearly any setting. Though they are quite capable of setting the pace and style on their own, they are demure and classic enough to be incorporated into other themes. An interesting facet of their natural appeal is that they almost universally do not lean on the elements of their design to impress. The natural beauty of their hardwood construction alone is enough to define them. If you’ve ever taken a close look at a properly worked and polished piece of hardwood, you’ve noticed that each particular piece of wood possesses an immense depth of character.

Even woods that are not considered exotic or highly valued, when worked and polished with care and attention will present deep, natural beauty in the lines of their grain, knots, and pores. Beautiful, exquisite hardwoods will literally glow when displayed in the right light.

Simple design and natural beauty make Copeland Furniture a timeless addition to nearly any room in the house, and right here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we are proud to offer a diverse catalog of their furniture.

We offer nightstands, chests and dressers by Copeland for the bedroom, available in many hardwoods and stains, that can add a timeless touch of class and character to your bedroom. Finished, gleaming wood is hardly ever out of place in any setting, rather deepening its spirit. We offer Copeland tables that mix the traditional appeal of hardwood construction with elements of minimalism that are arrestingly captivating. The incongruous simplicity of some of their thin metal legs stands in contrast to the full warmth of their finished wood surfaces and increases their appeal in an entirely unique way. We even offer tables for the dining room in all wood construction. There’s no reason to read about them here, though. You’ll want to see them for yourself to appreciate the effect they can produce.

But we’re not just a furniture store in Cleveland that offers Copeland Furniture. We here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture produce our own line of bench-made furniture for all rooms and settings in your home. Our designs are paragons of quality for our uncompromising approach to construction techniques and finishing that we have already mentioned. Each piece is bench-made by skilled, experienced craftsmen to ensure the highest quality and finish. We offer our esteemed customers their choice of size, wood and stain in each of our pieces of custom furniture to bring you quality craftsmanship that has become rare in the present day.

It is also a part of our mission to offer you environmentally friendly solutions in furniture for your home, on top of our commitment to quality. We use only sustainably sourced and harvested hardwoods in our collections, and we are committed to diminished waste and reusing any materials that we can. We reuse waste slab wood left over from milling as a heating fuel, and we even repurpose sawdust and swarf as bedding and mulch.

Here at Ohio Hardwood Furniture, all of this comes together to form our vision of providing the highest quality hardwood furniture with a distinct sense of class while minimizing our impact to, even offer a positive impact on, the environment. If you, like so many others, need a break from the material monotony of so many designs with which you find the larger market saturated, Ohio Hardwood Furniture is the solution. If you find yourself pining for timeless, handmade quality, Ohio Hardwood Furniture is the solution. Whether you’re drawn to the designs of Copeland Furniture, our own furniture, or one of the other lines we offer, know that here we accept no compromises on quality, aesthetics or responsibility.

Take a look through our offerings to get a feel for the sense of style we breathe into our original furniture. Consider our offerings by Copeland to find the perfect piece for any room in your house. If you need some help locating the Copeland piece you’re after or you’re interested in learning a little more about the furniture we produce, give us a call at 330-657-2095 and we’d be glad to speak with you.