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5 Reasons to Make Wesley Hall Furniture a Fixture of Your Interior Design

5 Reasons to Make Wesley Hall Furniture a Fixture of Your Interior Design

We’ve always given a lot of thought to the suggestions we provide to our customers, and the furniture with which you choose to decorate a setting can make a big impact on the overall feel, and spirit, of the location. It can make or break an interior design, as it were.

But with seating, the effect is even more pronounced, because seating is an interesting class of furniture with which the inhabitants of a home or room interact very intimately. While many other pieces of furniture are simply used for storage or visual appeal, seating arrangements are about the experience, the gathering, and the comfort.

That’s one of the reasons that some of the most popular items in our catalog are from Wesley Hall furniture. You can’t go wrong adding furniture from their collection to your home, and here are our top five reasons that’s the case.

  1. Wesley Hall furniture is 100% bench-made, right here in the United States.

In the age of mechanical processes and high-efficiency machinery that produces as much product as possible in as little time as possible, the folks at Wesley Hall still do things the old-fashioned way.

Every piece of furniture made at Wesley Hall is 100% bench-made in the hills of Western North Carolina, which has been considered a mecca for furniture producers ever since the late 1800s. To this day, many of the country’s elite furniture manufacturers, including Thayer Coggin, Leathercraft, McKinley Leather, and others, are also nestled in the hills of Appalachian North Carolina, producing furniture by hand as they always have. Wesley Hall, like the rest of them, is no exception, headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina.

Not only is each and every piece of furniture produced by their organization entirely handmade by skilled artisans, but they also place a great deal of value on their employees. They invest heavily in their suppliers, craftsmen, and other partners, to ensure that quality and human capital drive the success of the organization.

  1. Quality is evident in everything the company does, touching workmanship, raw materials, and even customer service.

Being handmade here in the United States, it should come as little surprise that quality is so important to the skilled craftsmen employed by Wesley Hall. to this day, they construct all of their furniture using proven, time-tested techniques.

Each piece of furniture is based around a hand-made, hardwood frame. They use traditional, 8-way hand-tied spring systems that are superior for comfort and durability, before adding premium cushioning components. Each piece of furniture is then finished and upholstered by hand.

  1. Wesley Hall furniture believes in putting corporate responsibility at the center of operations.

Wesley Hall also places a great deal of emphasis on corporate responsibility. Not only do they place quality at the forefront of their operations, but they also take their impact on consumers, the supply chain, and the environment into account.

For example, the wood they use in constructing the frames of their furniture is toxin-free and made of USA-grown, kiln-dried maple, harvested from AHMI-certified sustainable forests. Their wood finishes are free of known carcinogenic materials. They also use toxin-free glues and recycled springs made with lead-free coatings.

The foams they use for cushioning are produced by a select group of American producers that exceed requirements for safety. Their foams are free of carcinogenic fire-retardants and other known harmful materials. Furthermore, their packaging materials are all recyclable.

Environmental consciousness is not the only facet of their corporate responsibility. The company is also dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing an unparalleled level of customer service.

  1. It’s easy to customize the look and feel of Wesley Hall furniture to the setting.

Another great reason to invest in Wesley Hall furniture is that it is easy to customize to the setting of your home’s interior. Oftentimes, an otherwise suitable piece of furniture that doesn’t fit the setting simply can’t be worked into it. Wesley Hall offers countless options for wood finishing and upholstery, making it possible to match the setting with a fine degree of aesthetic harmony.

Whether you need to more closely align the aesthetic of your furniture in terms of color or finish, or you need to choose an upholstery option that is more suitable for the movement and tenor of your interior, Wesley Hall makes it possible. It’s just one of the ways in which they’ve elevated the customer experience and improved their service.

  1. Seating matters: it’s not just about form, it’s about function and comfort.

Finally, with seating, it’s all about comfort, which, in many ways, makes a piece of furniture like a Wesley Hall sofa much more functional than other items in your home. For example, the primary function of a desk or a bookshelf is storage; a sofa is about the experience.

They call it the “Wesley Hall sit” for a reason. The comfort of the experience is so distinctive that there are no parallels. In more than one way, the experience associated with Wesley Hall seating is interactive and intimate on a very personal level. It is unique among furniture, and there is a great emphasis on choosing comfortable seating arrangements for the home for this very reason.

Visitors may come into your home and notice your dining room table or your desk or end tables, but they will remember the experience of sitting in a Wesley Hall sofa.

You may have reasons of your own to add a highlight from the Wesley Hall furniture collection to your home, and you can spruce up your living room or dining room with items from our online catalog. Just check out our collection via the link above and get in touch with us at 330-657-2095 if you have any questions.

Otherwise, we’d love to see you in our store, where you can get a better, more personal feel for the seating and other furniture we sell. Furniture, like clothing, sometimes must be “tried on” before a decision can be made. Take some time to come see us in our showroom in Peninsula, Ohio. We’ll be waiting for you!