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5 Best-Selling Copeland Furniture Pieces

5 Best-Selling Copeland Furniture Pieces

When you are looking for furniture to complete your home, you want and deserve the best of the best. Researching the most popular and reputable brands is a great place to start. Copeland is one of these brands.

At Ohio Hardwood Furniture, we are proud to provide all of our customers with the best furniture pieces for their homes. We personally supply our customers with handcrafted and personalized furniture but are always looking to improve via innovation. We are constantly working diligently to provide our customers with unforgettable furniture pieces, no matter their style and preferences.

For those looking for stunning and expertly crafted hardwood pieces to add to their home, then you should certainly consider Copeland furniture. All of their finely crafted furniture is inspired by Vermont and its unique yet pristine nature. But which pieces would be best for you and your home? Let’s look at our five best-stelling Copeland furniture pieces to get you one step closer to getting the best furniture for your home.

1.  Moduluxe 1-Drawer Nightstand

When you are looking for the perfect piece to complete the look and feel of your bedroom, you should seriously consider a nightstand. The addition of two nightstands would be the most ideal situation, but just one is perfectly fine as well. Having one or two nightstands can pull your entire bedroom together, making your bed less of a focal point and, instead, providing it with a softer look.

Adding Modulux 1-drawer nightstands can not only add an element of style, but these pieces can also provide you with a practical element. For placing a bedside lamp, a book, cup of coffee, a glass of water, charging your phone next to you while you sleep or rest-- the possibilities are endless! The one drawer supplies you with convenient well-hidden storage. Plus, it’s available in cherry, maple, and walnut to best fit your needs.

2.  Moduluxe 2-Door, 3-Drawer Dresser

Another piece of necessary bedroom furniture is the dresser. If you want to properly and conveniently store your clothes and other necessary items, then you will certainly require a dresser. The Moduluxe 2-door, 3-drawer dresser takes your storage and style seriously. The three drawers on this piece provide ample storage space for you and your belongings. On either side of them is a dresser cabinet, furthering your storage but also the piece’s look.

Much like the nightstand, this dresser comes in three options of tree species: maple, cherry, and walnut. There is also a large variety of sizes and functions available for your convenience.

3.  Audrey Fixed Top Dining Table

Now let’s look at a piece that’s ideal for a different room in the house: the dining room. When you are decorating your dining room, it’s important that you have the perfect dining room table to fit the appropriate amount of people but can also fit in your available space. The Audrey Fixed Top dining table made of walnut could be that dining room table for you.

This table is especially ideal because it really takes two important factors into consideration: style and comfortability. It affords you and your dining room an irrefutable and unique style that can be loved by all. In terms of comfortability, it considers all diners’ leg space in particular. The legs have an X-design, which allows everyone to reap the benefits of unobstructed legroom. Plus, while it comes in walnut, it can come in cherry as well, to better complement the look of any dining room.

4.  Sarah Arm Chair

No home is complete without chairs, so why not decorate it with both stylish and practical ones? The Sarah Arm Chair is a sleek and sturdy chair, as it has a solid hardwood construction with clean lines.

This particular chair could be placed in any home in nearly any room with ease. This chair offers stunning armrests as well to befit your comfortability and relaxation. There is even an option for a Sarah chair without armrests if that is something you would prefer. Either way, these types of chairs could easily provide your home with extra flairs of clean style and comfort.

5.  Monterey Queen-Sized Bed

Now let’s venture back to the bedroom and its furniture requirements. Have you considered adding a sturdy wooden bed frame to your bedroom set? If not, you should certainly start because this is a definitive and stunning piece to add to nearly any bedroom.

The Monterey queen-sized bed is made of solid cherry hardwood with several finish options. It has a modern and refined style that any bedroom would be complete with.

When you are considering adding Copeland furniture to any room in your home, you should consider the above five options and our other options as well! No matter what you’re looking for to further improve your home’s look and feel, we have what you’re looking for. Which Copeland furniture piece will you be adding to your home?